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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Update

It seems that I have gone for some time without a blog update! This is not good.

But the truth is not a whole lot is going on. I have no funny new job stories yet. And really, even if I did I would probably not post them out of concern of blowing my secret identity. I have read many blogs where the author disclosed their real identity, and it usually ends up bad. Some crazy shit happens. People have been shit canned over a blog. People have made the newspaper over a blog. And so on.

One has to be careful. Google is your friend, but it can also be your enemy.

Summer must be over. I can tell this not so much by the weather, but by the Samuel Adams seasonal beer selection. Oktoberfest beer is out. If you go to a bar with Sam Adams seasonal beer on tap, it will be Oktoberfest. Not that this is bad - but for my taste the Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer is not my style. Too malty.

In other news, I picked up a 12 pack of Shipyard sampler. It came with three Summer Ales, three Pale Ales, three India Pale Ales, and three Export Ales. The pale ale seems to be my favorite so far.

But I like the Sierra Nevada selections better than Shipyard.

Last time I went out in the boat it was somewhat exciting. First I had a fuel alarm go off. Attached to the engine is a special fuel filter that catches water that may be in the tank. Apparently there is water in this filter, which caused the alarm to go off. So now I need a new fuel filter. I probably also should put on another filter I bought some time ago but never got around to installing. A Racor water separating filter. It has a clear bottom that will allow me to see what kind of crud might be in the fuel tank.

But that is not all. In the splash well there is a nifty custom made platform that holds my cooler. Apparently the guy who made it just screwed it in place. Well it collapsed on me. The screws pulled right out of the fiberglass. Now I think that the proper way to install the thing is to through bolt it using a backing plate and washers and shit. So I will look into doing just that. I have a feeling it will be a pain in the ass however. I know that I have to pull the batteries. And then depending on where the bolts will be at, the battery cables, battery selector switch, and/or fuel lines MIGHT get in the way. This would suck.

Oh yea, the deep cycle battery is also on its way out. Great huh?

But such things should be expected. I knew that the battery would not last forever. It is about time to replace it anyway. It is at least three years old. The fuel filter is supposed to be replaced yearly, I got two years out of the one I have now.

So it is a good thing work is going to ramp up. I need more of it. A higher wage too. I am hoping that internal opportunities will open up at the new job. But we shall see what happens. Ill keep my tentacles out there and go with the highest bidder for my labor. Nothing personal against any single employer - but capitalism is capitalism! It is all about business. If I can make a buck an hour more somewhere else, I will go somewhere else. I need the money. And I know I am not alone here.

But as we all know, jobs are growing on trees right now. So I am sure other offers will just pour in. Note the sarcasm there.


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Gainful employment!


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