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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday Already?

WOW! A whole lot of days passed with no posts!

I blame Meowcenaries. It is a good game. I passed the first level, and I am working on the desert level now. The Super Kittanks are tough.

Other than that - there is not really much going on. There is a tropical storm out there somewhere, but it will not effect things here. In fact it is very weak and is not projected to really do anything. Conditions are not at all favorable for the storm. By this evening it may even be downgraded to a depression. The experts have it dissipated by Sunday - they say it will not even be a rain maker after that.

So much for Tropical Storm Erika. So far the sexiest name of any storm I can remember, but it will be short lived.

A three day weekend is approaching! I like these. Sort of. The water ways will be clogged. Lots of people seem to think that summer is over. I never understood this. THIS IS SOUTH FLORIDA! Summer never really ends - it just gets not as hot. Even in December the beating weather is usually decent. Really.

But still, there will be a lot of traffic. So if I want to go out Ill have to put the boat in the water in advance, and leave it tied up at the boat club. This way I avoid the public ramp craziness.

Or just not go out this weekend, and wait for next weekend. The water will still be warm - only there will be less people out.


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