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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mystery Package

Check out what I learned to do! Cool huh? I have seen other blogs do this and always thought it was cool. So how was I uploading pictures before I bothered to see what all the clicky things in the Blogger Post Editor thing did? Well I would find a photo and steal it. Then I would upload the stolen photo to my personal web server - Then I would open Microsoft Front Page. Then using the "insert an image" by entering the URL to the stolen photo on my web server. Then finally, click "HTML view" and cut the code and paste it into the text editor.

And sometimes I would just copy the link to the photo without stealing it and uploading it to my web server. Then add the image using Front Page and so on.

Anyway, who cares about all that boring crap. Today I found on the doorstep a mysterious package. What could it be? Who knows. So I call the bomb squad. They show up and get really pissed off because it was just a book. The book to the left actually. So they went home and said some hurtful things to me. Something about "wasting their time". So I said back to them "wasting your time huh? Well then tell me - how many bombs did you guys find today? How many bombs did I prevent you from finding? Whats that? NONE!!! REALLY!!".

And then I got clubbed like a baby harp seal. I really need to learn how to not say things and just keep my mouth shut. Far too often I am right, and it pisses other people off. And if they have clubs and all I have is a book - well you can figure out who is going to loose that fight.

Anyhow, I figured out the book came from Cheesemeister. Thanks for the book! It has stuff written in it that no other copy will have. Pretty cool huh? I shall read this book over the next few weeks. My schedule could possibly be changing soon. Changing as in "less time to do stuff". But this is OK, because it will also mean "mo money". I will of course balance "time to do stuff" with "mo money". Cause the "mo money" part will allow me to do more stuff when I have the time. Otherwise, I have more time to do stuff but less money and therefore even if I have the time - I still may not be able to do stuff. So one must balance the two. It is bad to concentrate so much on "mo money" that you never have time to do stuff.

Anyhow go on and click the photo. If the book sounds like the kind of book you may like, order a copy. It will show up in the mail from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Or you can download it from E-Book in PDF format for only $5! How about that. But personally, I would rather have it in print. Reading that much off a computer screen would probably drive me insane. Way over the edge.

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Blogger actonbell said...

Nice plug!!
It's so nice when packages are not bombs. Speaking of, what's the red button...?

Anonymous krok22 said...

The Lazy,

Ever since I finished Charlie and the Chocolate factory I've stopped reading. In case you have a dream of teaching some day I don't have a clue what you said about the picture. Do you have any pictures of nude women?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Actionbell - you have to press the red button to find out what it does. But it says "do not press the red button".

Krok - The internet was made so people can get photos of nude people. I can not believe you can not find any.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Thank you so much for the plug! I am your friend for life and will buy you any boat you want if I ever make millions off this book.
Herr Krokodil wouldn't like this book. There are no pictures of naked women in it. But there is a sex scene between pagan deities that he might enjoy. However, Loki, one of the deities involved, told me that the scene wasn't nearly long enough and next time I'd better write one that's at least 100 pages or else!


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