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Monday, March 17, 2008

Inshore Day

What an action packed day I have planned!

And of course by "action packed" I mean "try to catch some fish". Now under normal conditions missions of this type are less than action packed. The last few fishing trips have not exactly been productive.

The fishing team logo pretty much accurately summarizes the last few excursions. Can't catch shit. Well this is not exactly entirely true. I did catch some shit, but it was not worth keeping. There was the one snapper that was just a little short that was tossed back. And of curse I was able to catch a bunch of small grunt for bait. I can usually always catch bait fish using the secret weapon. And what is that?

1/4 stick of TNT tossed overboard with about 25 feet of wire attached to the detonator. The resulting explosion causes all sorts of interesting things to float to the surface. Some of it makes decent bait, the rest makes good chum.

Or I can use the sabiki. This is a series of hooks on one length of fishing line. I put a little tiny piece of shrimp on each hook and drop it over. Within a minute I have two or three bait fish on the line. Reel em in and place them into the live well. Repeat as needed.

Conditions are supposed to be crappy. 20 knot east winds. Seas are supposed to be 7 - 9 feet in the gulf stream, 4 - 6 feet near shore. Needless to say, I will be avoiding that mess. I will stay in the bay, where things will be a little more sane. East winds in the north bay are not a problem. There is a land mass (Miami Beach) that blocks the direct path to the open sea. So it will be breezy, but not really that bad in the bay as long as I stay away from the exposed areas. Not a problem.

The target fish for this excursion are sea trout and possibly snapper. Or whatever I can catch.

As of right now it does not seem like there is a lot of wind. So tomorrow IF the wind forecast is way off then it may be possible to get outside the bay. But honestly I do not think the forecast will be that off. If they are calling for 20 knot winds then the winds will be at the very least 10 knots.

It will be an inshore day.



Blogger ponder this said...

"The target fish for this excursion are sea trout and possibly snapper. Or whatever I can catch."

....i found that very funny. still laughing at it.

Blogger Daisy said...

Don't forget to drink a green beer today for Saint Patrick's Day!

Blogger M@ said...

The stick of dynomite also works for chicks.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I've been on that fishing team all my life, and I just have to steal that picture for the Netherworld Sports Report site!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ponder - I was able to bring in a few bait gunt. And I caught the same trigger fish a few times.

Daisy - Guinness Stout is too dark to die green.

M@ - you are not talking about TNT are you?

CM - Feel to steal away. I already did.


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