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Friday, April 04, 2008

UPS Tries Again

I got my side lights today. So all is well. I have no idea why the first set of lights never got here, but whatever. I got my stuff. So now I can install the stuff. And then get more stuff.

Such is the cycle of stuff. You order the stuff, wait for the stuff, install the stuff, then it starts all over again.

I also got to spend a few hours out on the water. The po-po had to train new people on how to conduct boardings. So I went out in a boat, and got to play the part of someone on a boat getting stopped by the po-po. It was pretty cool, as I have never been stopped before. But should I get boarded, I know what to expect.

You should ALWAYS make sure you have all the required safety equipment on board. Just saying.

The real fun part was watching everyone scatter when the po-po boat showed up. Before they showed up, there were a bunch of jet skis and stuff zipping around. But once the marked police boat showed up with the blue flashing lights the skis vanished. Everyone vanished.

This weekend is supposed to have crappy weather. Spring is here, but it feels more like summer. It is warm. And this weekend may mark the start of the rainy season. We shall see!

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Blogger Lily Strange said...

Going boating with the proper safety equipment seems...well...sensible!
As weather goes, ours has been weird. This morning started with a freezing rain. By afternoon it was warm and sunny. Whatever. As long as it isn't crappy when I'm having to drive 350 miles next week.

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

I love more stuff.

Do you remember writing about a site that was planting trees when you played the game, except they planted trees for you in the oxygen world? I can't for the life of me google and find it.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Strange - safety equipment is a funny thing. Some people are just not aware that you need it. Others are unaware that their flares are expired and/or the fire extinguishers are bad.

Bee - I do remember that. I think the place reached its goal. It was called "sct4trees" and could well have been some sort of scam to generate lots of web traffic. Who knows. You know you can search this blog for keywords like "forest" and whatnot to find stuff :)

Blogger The Devil Uno said...

I wonder, what you perceive to be crappy weather?


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