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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fat Fred.

This is Fat Fred. The orange cat. Notice the walrus like blubber covering his back feet. But I do not live in Alaska, I live in South Florida. There is no reason for that blubber.

Fat Fred likes to eat. And since he has no testicles, I guess there is no reason for him to want to impress female cats.

Now I have never had to deal with this before. All the other cats - past and present - would not over eat. I could leave the food out all the time. They would nibble here and there.

Fred got so fat because of the nibblers. They would harass me for food and so I would give them some. They would eat two or three bites then leave. Fred would meander along and eat the rest of the food. Then 45 minutes later I get harassed again by the nibblers.

Fred had to go to the vet Monday. On Sunday I noticed one of his eyes was red and puffy. Infected. I figured that he got scratched. The vet confirmed my theory, and also added it could be cat pink eye. Can cats get pink eye? He also had hookworms and needed cat shots and shit. And then on the way home he soiled himself and his cat cage.

Anyway Fred was weighed. Last time he was weighed Fatso tipped the scales at 20 pounds and a few ounces.

But Fatso has been on a cat diet. I have been getting fat cat food for him. All the cats have been eating fat cat food. Iams Weight Control dry food. When I feed the nibblers I dump their uneaten food back in the bin. The nibblers have learned to eat more than three bites when I feed them.

Oh yea, I had to buy a plastic cat food bin with a licking lid. Someone discovered that they could chew a hole in the bottom of the bag.

The good news, other than the cat shit that was really runny and extra gross did not get on the truck seats or floor carpet, is that Fred's diet is working.

He only weighed 15 pounds three ounces. He lost 5 pounds. The vet declared his fat ass no longer obese. He could stand to ditch another pound or two, but the vet said he is not really "fat" anymore. Or at least not obese.

I still think he looks fat. So the cat diet will continue.

Fat Fred is now just plain Fred.



Blogger doozie said...

I think he is not fat, and you are creating self image issues which could possibly lead to anorexia. Not only can cats get pink eye but they can get anorexia from mean owners calling them fat. He might even need a cat shrink after awhile if you don't cut this out. Did you give him a bath from the pooping incident?

Blogger Daisy said...

Hooray for Fred! Losing 5 pounds is a big accomplishment. I only weigh 6 pounds, but I still have a big, round squishy belly.

Blogger Fred said...

I wish I could lose five pounds.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - yes I had to give Fred a bath. He did not like that very much, but he smelled bad so it had to be done. He had a bad day, but he feels better now.

Daisy - Fred's diet has been going on for a while. But gradually he is losing excess weight.

Fred - I think everyone wishes that. But Fred lost 25% of his big fat mass. That is like a 400 pound person losing 100 pounds over the course of a year.

Blogger Dusty said...


Great post Lazy. I too have a fat cat..his name is Scooter Lee and that fat bastard thinks he rules the house, picking on all the other cats.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fred thinks he is king too. But he runs from Skipper.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Well, that was just weird. The box I had been typing into just disappeared.
My cats are fat too except for Isis the semi-feral pyromaniac cat. And she poops and pees outside rather than in a litterbox, which is nice. But unfortunately she also gets in fights and I had to get an abcess removed from one side of her face, which cost $350 and makes it so her right eye is permanently teary because when they removed the abcess it damaged the tear duct. It's not a big deal really but that eye is always wet.
I've lost eight pounds. Of course as heavy as I got nobody can really tell yet but I never thought I would so I guess it's pretty cool.


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