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Friday, May 16, 2008


People are insane.

I went to this thing Thursday night. It was a training class. Anyhow the class is given so many times a year. Usually it is given at location A. Lets just call it location A because most people reading this do not live in Miami and so there is little point in giving exact locations anyway.

Location A is not too far away. And it is in the opposite direction afternoon traffic flows. I like location A.

But there are whiny-pusses who cried that they live up north and location A was too far and too much of a pain in the ass to get to. WAAAAA WAAAAA WAAAAAA.

So this time, the class was scheduled to be held at location B, closer to the County Line. In Opa-Locka. A lovely part of Miami-Dade County.

And you know who shows up? How many whiny-pusses who cried about location A were there?

ZERO. Not one. Everyone there was like "why is this not at location A"?

So what did we learn today? Trying to accommodate whiny-pusses is just not worth it. Do what you want, and if cry babies can not handle t TOO BAD FOR THEM! It is not your problem is it? Nope! Not at all!

Anyway that is what I learned. And when I take over and have to conduct the classes myself, will I care if someone does not want to go to location A? Nope. Don't go. See if I give a crap! No sweat off my ass. I am not the one who needs the class. I am just there conducting it. And if nobody shows up? I get to leave early! Hell on the way home Ill stop off somewhere for a beer.

In other news, there is a three day weekend on the way. It is apparently up to me to plan something for a group of friends. So I am thinking I should start planning a boat mission. I need to find out who is interested in a party on an island in the bay accessible only by boat, and who else can bring their boat so as to get the largest group possible out there. Otherwise with only one boat it will not work out so well. There are the people to transport, and then the food and beer and whatever else.

Ill start planning tomorrow. Or the next day.

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Blogger doozie said...

I read the part about people being insane and it offended me because I am insane, and it's truly not my fault, it is a medical condition brought on by prolonged exposure to people who are insane, please ;send help

Blogger M@ said...

You're like a Harley guy except w/o the motorcycles....

Blogger doozie said...

oh yeah, I suggest you do a treasure hunt on the island, bury something cool and give out maps and clues and the first person that finds the treasure gets a cool prize like, I don't know, a ride back?

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I wonder if prolonged exposure to me makes people more insane? That would rule!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - did you ever consider the possibility you are sane, and it is everyone else that is crazy?? This is exactly the conclusion I have come to.

M@ - You may not be too far away from the truth. I would like to have a jet ski. But not a small fast one. I want a larger more comfortable one. It will be plenty fast, but not insane fast. Kind of like a Harley VS a rice rocket.

Doozie - that is an excellent idea. I can bury a bottle of good rum or something. That would be cool. And pirate themed.

CM - that would rule. Because then as people around you got more and more insane you would look more and more reasonable and in control! So who gets the promotion? The sane reasonable person in control or the person foaming at the mouth and rocking back and forth while huddled in the fetal position in the corner??


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