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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Time Travel

It seems that now you can publish blog posts in the future now! I can write some shit today, set the date to a future date and time (under post options) and Blogger will not publish my post till that day and time.

Neat. Now I can fool people and make myself look normal! No more "posted at 03:30" time stamps for me!!! Oh no, Ill set it up so things are published at 7 AM - maybe 8 or 9 AM on the weekends.

Then people will not think I am not "one of those people". People who are more used to seeing the moon in the sky than that horrid sun.

Yea I know that "horrid" sun is the reason for life on this planet. Without the sun this place would be a frozen chunk of shit floating in space.

But there would be no poverty! And fewer wars! And since we would have never existed anyway nobody would really notice anything different. There never would have been a somebody to notice anything!

And the sun also causes CANCER and WRINKLES and SUNBURN and other shit we would all be better off without.

So I do not really feel like I am missing much. It is kind of nice to go outside at 3 AM and there is..........stillness. Quiet. I can hear traffic a mile away. Really. I can hear cars on the nearest major road driving. I can hear my footsteps on the sidewalk. The crunch of grass that I am walking on seems loud. Trains in the distance are loud and clear.

Still and quiet. Every little sound carries. Can't sneak up on me!

Someone needs to hold down the fort when the moon is high in the sky. Ill volunteer for that shift.

But anyway I can fool people into thinking I am one of them. A day walker.

Anyhow, today I can not be lazy. I have decided that NOW is the time to finish up all the shit I have been putting off, or not really working too hard on. Got to get it done already. I need some ring clamps, silicone sealant, and maybe more hardware. Unless I can remember where I put all the hardware I removed. I think I remember. I am pretty sure I remember actually. GET IT DONE ALREADY!

And then Sunday I may try fishing. Might as well. I got a line on some super bait. KFC skin. Not the chicken, just the skin. So Ill track down a KFC all you can eat buffet place and load up some plastic bags with chicken skin. Original recipe. Snapper are supposed to eat that shit up. And I have a line on some other places to try catching stuff.

If the conditions hold up Ill even try to go to "the edge" for some deep water stuff. The edge meaning of course the edge of the Gulf Stream. It changes from day to day, but generally speaking you are in 150 - 250 feet of water. The greenish inshore water starts to blend in with the deep blue of the gulf stream. Then you look for birds. Flocks of birds diving in the water mean there are bait fish there. And where there are bait fish there are bigger fish. You can also look for things floating. Anything floating for long enough will attract bait fish. Seaweed, garbage - it really does not matter.

Spy reports indicate the dolphin are back.

But so far my fishing track record is not that great. Either there are no fish, or I suck at fishing.



Blogger Daisy said...

We think the scheduled posting is awesome!

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

I'm not buying that "normal" crap.

Blogger M@ said...

this is going to revolutionize blogging.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Daisy - I do admit that the post later feature is neat.

Scarlet - Normal is boring anyway.

M@ - What is going to revolutionize bogging? Me catching a fish box full of dolphin?? I agree.

Blogger Fred said...

Now you tell me the sun causes cancer. My dermatologist loves the fact that I was an 80s twentysomething going to the beach whenever i could to get a tan. Without any sunblock stuff.

Blogger Utah Savage said...

I've become a fan from reading your comments on other peoples blogs. Then I came over and took the sloth test. Yes, that's my sin. Other than the sloth problem, I could be canonized--I hope I spelled that right, otherwise you might think I'm waiting to be shot from a cannon. I thought you actual blog site was just a ruse, since nothing ever appeared after the sloth test, but that was really a result of my short attention span. Happily short attention span is not one of the seven deadly.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fred - I have been scorched a few times. It hurts. I do not like it. So I use the sunblock stuff. My favorite is that Bullfrog "surfer formula" gel stuff. AWESOME! It is not too greasy, is clear, and does not stink like a pina coloda. I also like the Bullfrog spray stuff.

Utah - welcome to the blog! Yes there is stuff beyond the deadly sin test. By the way, I posted my results because this test was VERY accurate for me. I will never be shot out of any cannon.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

What the heck is this "normal" that you speak of?
I've worked night shift on and off for a lot of years. For the most part I like it, but sometimes my adrenal glands get really burned out and then I feel like paved shit until I can get some good rest.


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