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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Plan Of Action

OK the plans are set. In stone. No turning back now!!!

High tide is at 8 AM. More or less. So Ill be at the ramp between 7 and 8 AM. More or less. Then I leave the dock on a slack / outgoing tide. To the offshore hunting grounds.

Once the depth finder reads about 250 feet I look at the water to note its color. It should be deep blue. And then the fun begins!!!!

I have to look for birds. Birds indicate fish. I also have to look for crap floating in the water. Crap floating in the water (bodies, sea weed, shipping pallets, tarps, whatever) attract fish.

Anyhow - spy reports have indicated the following three species are hitting the bait.

1. King Mackerel.

2. Black Fin Tuna.

3. Dolphin

Ill take any of the above, but if I could pick I would pick the tuna first, then the dolphin. A bonus yellow fin tuna would totally rock! But the yellow fin is a long shot. A very VERY long shot. Even longer than anything listed above. To be honest, I would stand a better chance finding sunken Spanish treasure than a yellow fin tuna.

Actually catching anything is sort of a shot in the dark. My track record for catching anything is dismal.

Either there are no fish in the ocean, or I suck at fishing. I am still trying to figure out which is the case.



Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Maybe the fish are using Iguana Detectors and are hiding!

Anonymous krok90 said...

The Lazy,

Some people just suck at fishing. I put myself in that class. Now my brother can catch anything. I think it might be because he wears a fishing outfit. Pockets all over his shirt, waterproof pants, a fishing hat. Perhaps you need to change your wardrobe.

Anonymous krok82 said...


Philadelphia is all black and they will kill you. Do not go there, please believe me.

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

Isn't #3 a Mahi Mahi?

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

Okay, I did a .jpg hover and it is a mahi mahi. I know cause that's what they look like on the Red Lobster menu.

Blogger Fred said...

Did you catch one of each?


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