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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grade A Propaganda

Get this. For some reason I get John McCain propaganda in the form of emails. It seems I signed up for them at some point. OH YEA! I remember how now.

It is somewhat crazy. All campaigns have websites now. And one of the things that campaigns do with their websites is allow people to create what they call "blogs". You simply register with a valid email address and you can put up a "personalized support page". Of course by "personalized" they mean you get to pick from a list of ONE template and then add up to 250 words. Or something like that.

Anyway on the Obama blog thing someone put up a Black Panther support page. Could have been for real - could have been a right wing plant. Either is just as likely because ANYONE could sign up and get a page.

But people insisted that Obama personally put the "link" on his site. So I registered for the same thing on McCain's site. I was about 80% done creating a "Nazi KKK Homosexual Transvestite Satan Worshipers Who Drink The Blood Of Infants Who Support McCain" page - which I was then going to send to the forum PROVING that McCain and his entire staff are in fact Nazi KKK homosexual transvestite satan worshipers.

But then I figured what is the point. They had already made up their mind about the issue. So I quit.

However I still get the emails! And this is some class A propaganda! Here is a sample.

"The key points to pay attention to are that voters know who John McCain is and they
understand that he has the experience necessary to lead our country. He also
continues to lead in targeted states with voters who are concerned about the big

The key points to pay attention to are that voters know who John McCain is?? Uhhh - think everyone already knows that. He is that old guy running for President. I think.

And if he is leading in targeted states with voters concerned about the big issues, don't those voters already know who he is? If they do not know who he is - how the hell can he be "leading"?
Anyhow - I find stuff like this humorous. Does anyone read this shit before they send it out? Apparently not.

PLEASE! READ YOUR PROPAGANDA BEFORE SENDING IT OUT!!! Ill even offer my expert services in the art of propaganda deciphering to any campaign who will pony up my fee. Which is negotiable.

When the McCain camp sends me a request for fund raising via snail mail - Ill send my usual Monopoly money. I am very generous with Monopoly money. I have been known to mail off handfuls of $100 bills. Parker Brothers $100 bills.


Sake has figured out how to render my landing net useless. She has taken to hiding under things now. So to find her I just reach under things. If I hear something growling and feel a paw striking my hand I start grabbing for anything that feels furry.

One of these days I am going to pull out a raccoon or possum or something. Then I will have to go to the emergency room and explain to 100 people how I got bit by a wild animal and then get a series of rabies shots.

I have also got pretty good at grabbing the "cat handle". The cat handle is also known as the tail. As the cat runs by, you grab the tail. It really helps to have TILE FLOORS when doing this.

Needless to say, it will be a happy day when all this "cats need eye medicine" shit is over with.

And so will Sake.

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Blogger doozie said...

your cat emailed me and said you are being way to mean? apparently you are grabbing tails and what not. I told your cat I would hand this tactfully, so don't sass me

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - Sake needs the eye medicine. Her gooey eye is already starting to look better.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I wouldn't believe much of what any of those people say. It's all propaganda.

Blogger actonbell said...

1. Do you know ReesePie

2. Yeah, the heat is sapping.

3. I'm so sorry that you have to chase down Sake! Cats.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Transvestite Satan Worshipers is the major political party of the Netherworld. Their main contender is the Cross-Dressing BDSM Demon Floggers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, gotta love the Transvestite Satan Worshipers because if it were up to them all Transvestite Satan Worshippers, women with brains, anyone who isn't Christian, and people of any race that isn't European Anglo would be shipped off the U.S. and sent to some other country so all these White Men and subservient white women can do as they please and breed a new race of ignorant white children.


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