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Friday, June 06, 2008

Boring Political Bullshit

It seems nobody likes my political bullshit. Zero comments over two days.

Now I can not really blame anyone for this. Political bullshit is boring.

But I know what is more exciting than political bullshit! LED lights! I have become obsessed with LED lights. I can not get enough LED lights.

Due to this obsession, I have been converting to LED lights whenever possible. All my flashlights are LED now. These were the first to be converted / replaced.

You see, LED lights draw very little power. So a LED flashlight can use smaller batteries (less weight) and your batteries last a long time. And you still get a lot of light.

I am also in the process of replacing the lights in my truck with LED. I have already replaced the tail running / brake lights. The running lights and brake lights are the same in my truck. One of the brake lights burned out so I replaced them both with LED. Before I can replace the turn signals with LED I need to get a LED compatible flasher. Otherwise the truck will think one of my lights is burned out and the turn signals will flash really fast.

LED lights last a very long time. They will not burn out. Not for some insane number of hours anyway. The truck wiring will corrode away before the lights fail.

Most recently I did this.

I have two courtesy lights in the boat. They used to have white lights. Now they have blue LED bulbs.

Anyhow I keep plugging away. When I can replace something with a LED bulb I do. I would like to get LED lights for the house, but they are so darn expensive. The good thing is they will last forever (most are rated for 100,000 hours - that is over 10 years left on all the time) and draw very little power. They are the ultimate in energy saving light devices.

As I said - I am obsessed with LED. Everything must be LED for all to be OK in the world. I am on a mission here.



Blogger Lilacspecs said...

1. This may be a trend, my comments have dropped over the past couple days too, although when only 10 people comment, 4 is not a huge change.
2. I use Google reader and so a lot of times I read and then forget to comment. But I still read!

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

My son graduated from high school on Saturday, of which I am very proud. Unfortunately this means being inundated with extended family which, in conjunction with some disturbing lab results (probably just some kind of infection but I the hypochondriac immediately think cancer and heart disease) is both figuratively and literally giving me panic attacks. To top the fun off the computer connection is being very flakey.
I'm kind of a political moron, but I do enjoy reading from others who actually are able to think about it. To me politics is kind of like math. I'm not very good at either!


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