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Thursday, May 29, 2008


What the hell is a "Banzuke" you ask? Good question.

The banzuke is a list of wrestlers and their official rank that is put out before a sumo match.

And it is also the latest crazy Japanese TV import. If you get the G4 network, you can watch this show.

The point of Unbeatable Banzuke is to get through this almost impossible obstacle course. So what makes it different from Ninja Warrior, another crazy Japanese obstacle course TV import? another good question.

Unbeatable Banzuke is many different courses. 20 in all. I think. But you do not challenge all of them. You pick one. Here is a clip from the mountain bike challenge, called "Super Rider".

And there are more. There is the "Bamboo Derby" where you have to get through this crazy course on stilts. And another course where you have to walk on your hands. And another where you have to pilot a remote control helicopter without crashing into anything. And so on. Some are individual challenges and some are team challenges. Like the crazy cat wheelbarrow challenge.

And what do you win? Money? A new car? The take home version of the game?

NO! You win.........

Your name added to the Banzuke - the list of champions. Thats it.

This is the kind of crap I watch on TV. It amuses me. Why - I have no idea. It just does.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

That sounds like the kind of crap I watch. And after all, what could be more of an honor than getting your name added to the Banzuke?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lily - prize money. If I get through some crazy obstacle course on stilts I want prize money. I could care less about some stupid list nobody even looks at.


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