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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


As you may have noticed, I have not commented about the whole primary thing very much. I can only recall ONE post I have made about it - and that mostly related to math.

Nothing about the rules committee thing that happened over the weekend.

So now it is time to let it all out!

Hillary is done. There is no way she can win. The math is just not going to worn out for her. Like I said before - it is all about the math. And the numbers do not add up for her.

She DID NOT win the popular vote. Unless you do not count the caucus states and do not give Obama any votes in Michigan. Because his name was not on the ballot. Because he signed a pledge saying he would take his name off the ballot. Hillary signed the same pledge, but "forgot" to remove her name. Funny how that happened.

Hillary DID NOT win more delegates.

Hillary lost. If you happen to be a Hillary supporter, that is fine. But she lost.

It was not because the media was biased against her. The media was all about how she was "unstoppable" before the primaries started. It was already a done deal. She was going to win. The media did not give anyone else a chance. So please, stop with the whole "biased media" bullshit.

She lost. Sometimes you win, sometimes you do not win. That is how it works. So please, stop the drama.

But can Obama win? I think it will be a close call. Sure - he is a few shades too dark. Yes, he will make some uncomfortable. No, a lot of people will not vote for him due to his darkness.

But you know what? There are red states. There are states that have not been Democrat since the civil rights movement. I find it amusing that the Republicans say they are the party of Lincoln today. Well guess what? You know why the deep south was blue for so long???

Because the Republicans were the party of Lincoln. The deep south HATED Lincoln. You know where "Yellow Dog Democrats" came from? The south. "Yellow Dog Democrats" were people who would vote for a yellow dog before a Republican.

But then came the civil rights movement. The southern Democrats split off and became the "Dixiecrats". They wanted to keep Jim Crow laws. STATES RIGHTS! By the way, this is when it became popular to fly the "Stars and Bars". Before this time it was uncommon to see a Confederate Battle Flag flying anywhere except at a Civil War monument. State Flags were redesigned to incorporate the stars and bars. And so on.

The Dixiecrats later became Republicans. And the South was red after that.

But anyway, enough boring history.

There is serious concern about Obama's ability to win "red" states. I do not see why there is concern. Red states are red! They are always red. Clinton won in 92 and again in 96 - without winning the red states. So what is the big deal there?

Obama will win the blue states. Democrats always win the blue states.

So how about the purple states?

Well lets see. The Democrat primaries say massive turnout. Record numbers of voters in many cases. It is likely the same people will vote Democrat in the general election. So there is that to consider.

And then there is something else. I know a fair number of people here. Well today I was talking to a friend of mine over a few drinks. He is slightly older than I am. He has a very well paying job in the finance industry. He has a house ON THE WATER. In Dade County. On the water. Not a cheap house. He owns a twin engine 26 foot Boston Whaler. This is a nice ass boat! Wife, kids, family values, drives a H2 - the whole bit.

Somewhat well off, but also EDUCATED. Not a trust fund case who was handed it all on a silver platter.

And he voted for......OBAMA in the FL primaries. It seems he read Obama's book a while ago. And when given the chance he voted for Obama. He has also contributed around $5,000 to Obama.

I was really surprised to hear this. I would never have guessed.

This is why I think Obama has a shot.

It is not over yet. Not even close. November is not a done deal for either side. Obama can possibly win.

By the way, I also voted for Obama in the FL primaries. I knew that my vote would not matter because the delegates were to be stripped from the State. But I voted anyway. There were too many other very important issues on the ballot.

Hillary really need to quit at this point. She needed to quit long ago. As soon as the math was not going to work out for her would have been a good time to bow out. But she decided to stay in. And claim she was winning, even when the numbers said otherwise.

Hillary is done. The primaries are over. She needs to quit already. And she need to let Obama decide who he will pick as his running mate. It may or may not be her. She and her supporters need to just deal with that.

By the way, I think Hillary would be a bad VP choice. She has already fucked that up by her actions in the primaries. She said and did so many things already. Like saying she would pull her name off the Michigan ballot - and failing to do so. Saying she would not campaign in FL then going to FL right before the primaries here on a "fund raising trip" and making campaign speeches. Sure she called them fund raising speeches - perfectly legal under the agreement - but the were campaign speeches.

She cooked herself. By her own actions. It is not a biased media. It was all her.



Blogger M@ said...

One hears a lot of tripe about America's "readiness" for a black president but not much about how many white men actually did cross racial lines to support the candidate, joining an African American block that voted monolithically for their "brother" at a rate of 92% across the nation. To me, that's an interesting thing that doesn't much happen anywhere else in the world.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

My son says his biggest problem with Hillary is that in order to prove how tough she is she acts like a man in a skirt, which impresses him not at all.
Obama seems like a good guy. But I've been kind of ambivalent about politics for a long time. In the last election I voted for NOT BUSH!!!! Which would translate to Kerry. But the most important thing was that he was NOT BUSH!


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