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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Welcome to Saturday! Another week gone by. Sort of. It all depends on when your week starts I suppose.

Sometimes Saturday can be your Monday. If you have Thursday and Fridays off. Or you may have Tuesday and Wednesday off - making Monday Friday!

Confusing huh? I thought so.

What was I talking about again??

Oh yea. Saturday.

I am going to some weather spotting class. Why not. It is free and I have nothing better to do. I just have to show up at the appointed place at the appointed time. I think I can handle that. I just wish the appointed time was a little later.

NOBODY schedules things with people who are nocturnal in mind. It is like I am some kind of freak of nature or something.

Well I say NO! I am not a freak! Everyone else is. How do you know that humans are NOT supposed to be up all night? How do you know we are not supposed to roam the world when the sun is nowhere to be seen?

Oh yea, the whole "humans do not see well in the dark" thing. OK so you got me there. Maybe my schedule is a little screwed up.

At any rate, FREE WEATHER SPOTTING CLASS! If its free its for me. They will have FREE COFFEE too. Always a plus.

They better have free coffee. The class is at a police station. Have you ever heard of a police station that did not have coffee?

Me either.

BOAT NEWS! I have two more courtesy lights to install. And I have to run a new transducer cable. The lights will be easy to install. Just drill a couple of 2 inch holes (one for each light) and then some pilot holes for the screws that hold the lights in place. Then wire them in. Simple as can be.

The transducer cable on the other hand will require more effort. First I have to pull out the old transducer cable. This will be a pain in the ass.

And then I have to pull the new cable through. This means under the deck. There are some conduits under the deck for wires and cables and stuff.

Anyhow long story short - the unit was supposed to have a quad beam transducer, it seems to have either come with a dual beam transducer or the thing does not work properly, I send the head unit back in, they sent it back to me with a new quad beam transducer. I tested the new transducer and now the side looking sonar thing works.

Trust me here - you DO NOT want the long version. It is full of stuff about 455 khz beams and 200 khz beams and 83 khz beams and degrees of coverage and so on. VERY BORING! Even puts me to sleep.

The fish laugh at my stuff anyway. The sonar does not seem to find fish, and even when it does I do not seem to catch them.

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