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Friday, June 13, 2008

Readers Ask

I got a series of excellent questions from alert reader Bee Repartee. So here they are!!

•A good cell provider (I have tmob and they have been good but $$$ so I'm trying to find cheaper. Cricket?)

There are no "good" cell providers. They all suck in some way. Now I have ATT. I can tell you what I like about ATT. And that is.......uhhhh.....rollover minutes? Oh yea and the 3G network. That is cool. Sort of.

And now for what sucks about ATT. I seem to get dropped calls. The thing is I do not know which end the drop is coming from. I also get spotty coverage offshore. Of course most normal people stay on land with their phones. Cell networks are designed to cover land, not really water. So I can not really fault ATT here.

Anyhow I would recommend Sprint or ATT. These two providers seem to have the best mobile data services. ATT does have a nifty family plan however. I suppose they all do. For what it is worth, I think T-Mobile and Nextel are the worst. I have known many people who had problems with these two providers.

There is ONE exception to this. Work phones. If your boss is thinking of getting you a phone really try to sell the boss on Nextel. This way you can turn off the phone when you are "on call" and then claim later that you never got the calls. Or voice mails. Nextel is just shitty enough that this is believable.

•How much apple sucks for making a new and improved iPhone when you just bought one less than a year ago.

A WHOLE LOT!! Apple hyped that phone to no end. And then almost right away they lower the price for the "good" version and stop making the lower memory version. And now they are releasing an improved version less than a year later? What bullshit. The FIRST i-phone should have worked on the 3G network, not the older slower Edge network. And did you know that the i-phone will not work with stereo bluetooth headphones? What the hell is up with that? They bill it up as an i-pod phone thing, so you can make calls AND use it as an MP3 player - and then they do not allow it to work with stereo bluetooth??? What bullshit. This is why I did not buy one.

•Why Julian Mcmahon continues to wax his eyebrows like a chick.

Maybe he IS a chick? A really ugly one. Either that or he is into Scientology and thinks that L Ron Hubbard demands that his followers to wax their eyebrows in order to please the evil lord xenu?? Who knows.

•What McDonald means by 'chicken pieces and parts' for their chicken nugget ingredients (in English, I'm sure this means beaks and bird sphincters.)

You do not want to know. Just eat the nuggets and try to not think about what pieces and parts of chickens they use.

By the way, have you noticed there are exactly THREE shapes that chicken nuggets come in? Really. Check it out next time you get some. These three shapes just happen to be the perfect shapes to get all the sauce out of the little containers that come with the nuggets.

I notice shit like that.



Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

I noticed the shapey thing with mcnuggets. Weird.

Dunno who Julian McMahon is, but he sounds like a love child between John Lennon and Ed McMahon.

I have MetroPCS which is a really cheap, pretty good alternative to the other phones and I'm not locked in to a contract .

Anonymous krok12 said...

The Lazy,

Have you noticed that Saur's head resembles a chicken nugget, it's weird.

My Blackberry works pretty good. No problems so far.

I shave my ears and my nose but only trim my eyebrows.

You appear to be a very hairy person, you might consider a body wax job.

Blogger mago said...

These nuggets - I remember two shapes here in Europe, one with a small thingy at the side and one as a rhombus. What is the third, the american-only one?

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Eating chicken nuggets is like eating luncheon meat, i.e. bologna. You takes what you gets. Probably contains anus. There was once a fellow that got busted for stealing a truckload of beef. When the cops caught up to him, there was great laughter, because it was beef, all right--beef assholes! No kidding.
The judge went easy on him because no-one was hurt and the humiliation factor counted for something. He decided that the honest life was better.


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