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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Old Fart In The Crowd

I had a somewhat interesting experience today.

I got a call from a friend at around 7:30 PM. It seems that the group was going to go bowling at 9 PM.

A junior member of the group is enlisting in the United States Coast Guard and has to report at the base at 5 AM today. As you read this he is already there. The exact time of his flight to boot camp seems to be classified. But anyway, it was a good excuse to go do something.

Someone picked bowling.

Anyhow there was a sign on the door stating that only those 18 years and older could be there. and that ID checks were strictly enforced.

My ID was not checked. The friend I was with was not checked either. So much for "ID checks are strictly enforced" huh?

Anyhow I would bet I was the oldest person in the place. There was jamming music going on and black lights and funky colored bowling pins and a full bar and shit. It was really nice.

I noticed I was one of the minority wearing the "over 21" wrist band.

In the group I was in there were three "old farts". I was the oldest fart. By a year or so. The rest were minors.

I define "minor" as anyone who can not legally consume alcohol. I am that old.

Anyhow it was kind of fun being the oldest and wisest person in the room. Think you have done it all??? Really now??? So what have you done? Because once for a Christmas gift I got 4 marijuana plants. REALLY good stuff too! The harvest was legendary.

Whats that??? You were never given cuttings as a Christmas gift??

Minor. Live longer. It will happen.

Another thing that was cool was I could out drink ANYONE in the room. The waiter could not bring me the beer fast enough. He had no idea who was in his section.

So I got to thinking. It is not so bad. So what if I was older than the manager on duty? I was having more fun.

And when the DJ played classic 80s hip hop - I could dig it. I knew the words. Nobody else did.

Minors seem to think history is boring.

So the three old farts in the room just had fun dancing and singing along to what I called "classical music". We contemplated what "oldies" radio would sound like in 30 years. And we drank up a storm.

The minors were in awe.

Youth really is wasted on the young.



Blogger doozie said...

I'm pretty sure they were in awe that you could actually dance and not snap a hip out of socket

Blogger Fuzz said...

Getting "old" ain't so bad when one considers the alternative.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I anticipate Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC blasting in the halls of the retirement community when I get to be that age.
And youth most assuredly is wasted on the young!
I have something besides a meme on my blog. I know, I have been lame-o lately.


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