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Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Update

You may want to skip directly to the photos. Or maybe not.

As you probably know, the hurricane totally missed Miami. Honestly, I am surprised at this as I fully expected something. I was smack dab in the middle of the cone, and at one point the track had the eye passing right over me.

Sure it was 4 - 5 days out, but still. When you are in the middle of the cone 4 days out you should assume that you will see something.

But apparently Ike got a better travel deal to Cuba. So it went there.

Friday I was somewhat concerned. So I went to the store to get distilled water for the fish. The fish live in a carefully controlled environment. Distilled water has no PH and nothing dissolved in it. It is pure water. So pure it does not really exist in nature. I use distilled water for two reasons.

1. I can. The aquarium is only 6 gallons, so I only have to buy couple of gallons at a time.

2. Using distilled water makes it very easy to hold the PH at 7.0. I can actually hold the PH at any value I want.

But there was no distilled water. It was gone. There was stuff labeled "drinking water" but not a drop of distilled water.

People are retarded. If you are not used to it, distilled water tastes funny.

But there was beer. So it was not a total loss to go to the store.


ANYHOW - a few days before all this hurricane stuff I had to do some serious aquarium maintenance. I had allowed the java fern to take the little tank over. And it did take it over. Looking in, all you could see was plants. The plants were so thick that there was not really any room for fish to swim. The plants were also preventing proper water circulation.

So I had to take care of this. Java fern can be broken apart. So I did this. And so now I have this.

It was a pretty big undertaking. A large glob of fern was removed. Most of it was thrown out. Those little plants to see are what is left. It will, in time, take the tank over again. But this should take a while to happen.

I tried to get a better photo, but it was hard. I kept getting this.

Skipper. I think he wanted food or something.

So what is in the aquarium? Right now only 2 kinds of fish.

Fish type 1 is the harlequin rasbora. I have four of these fish. They are peaceful schooling fish. They do best in groups. They are native to Asia. They like soft, slightly acidic to neutral water. Another reason to use distilled water, as my tap water is the opposite of that. This is a somewhat crappy photo, as it is overexposed. But I am lazy and do not feel like finding a better photo. They are a coppery color.

This is the other fish. I have two of these guys. Chinese algae eaters. I have a fair amount of algae they can eat. And I have a lot of plant life for a small tank. They can get territorial, but so far they are behaving.

This fish is also from south east Asia. Same general area as the rasboras. So I suppose that is sort of a theme. The South East Asia theme. You know, all fish from that region of the world.

I still need to get a bottom scavenger. I am thinking of glass shrimp.

Depending on what the water tests reveal, I may get another type of fish. I like neon tetras. But they are South American - so they will not really fit in well with the theme. Of course, I do not think the glass shrimp do either.

One of the traps people with aquariums fall into is overstocking. With only 6 gallons of water, I have to be careful to avoid this. So I may not put in any more fish.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

As long as there are no fish in Skipper's mouth, it's all good.
Raymond always comes and flops his fat body down in the middle of my schoolwork. He doesn't like when I pay attention to things that aren't him.
I used to have an aquarium. No longer have time, sadly. I let my snail Cornelius live out his/her/its days after all the fish had died, then I took the aquarium down. I liked the glass shrimp but they seemed to die quickly. I accidentally killed one once with a net. Felt a bit bad about that. Pleucostamus are cool, but they're also fragile. I never seemed to be able to keep the temperature just so and they would die. Although I did have a couple that survived more than a year. They got big, too. And they have those spikes on the side of their mouths--makes for fun when trying to catch them to clean the tank.
I like the Cory Catfish. They're a little hardier than the glass shrimp and not as painful as the Pleucostamus. I had one of the striped ones named Boris who got pretty big and lived for a couple of years. I also like snails. Maybe I should just have a tank of cleaner fish. That would be a pretty low maintenance system! Algae would be a good thing in that tank.
Oh yeah--with all the fish blather I almost forgot to say--I'm glad that Ike gave Miami a miss. I heard on the radio this morning that it was making it's way to the keys, and that they're thinking of evacuating New Orleans again.

Blogger M@ said...

I killed all of my fish. :(

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lily - for unknown reasons I have had bad luck with catfish in the little tank. Also bad luck with neon tetras. I do not know why, I had catfish and neons in all my other aquariums throughout the years - ranging in size from 10 gallons to 55 gallons.

On the flip side of the coin, I could not keep shrimp in the aquariums of the past but the 6 gallon does OK. Shrimp are excellent scavengers, so I will get more.

m@ - This little tank was originally set up in an office. I needed it to be as bullet proof as possible. Everything in it has a purpose. It worked out very well. The key is going slow.

Blogger Dusty said...

I have a new kitten. He is quite young, wandered into our backyard a month ago. Named him Pee Wee.

All Black and most definitely feral. It was hard to catch him and its been quite a chore to tame him.

The other night he crawled up in bed with me...and let me stroke him whilst he purred.


About the post...its very educational but an fyi...your top fish pic is gone.


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