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Saturday, September 06, 2008

On Hold

I am on hold. So I queued up the on hold music. Which is located to the right. Just click play. I added some new stuff. A lot of the links are dead - I know. I am fixing that. On and off.

I was actually awake for the 8 AM update. And it looked a lot like the 5 AM update. Now I am not one for panic. I mean panic requires effort, and I am not at all about effort.

Anyhow, I decide that I should do a few things before everyone else freaks out.

So I turn it in the local news and the local news was at Home Depot. And the mayor was saying some shit.

Then to the store! You see I needed some distilled water. For the aquarium. I trimmed the plants in the little aquarium, got a few more fish, and so on.

The store was rocked. There were a ton of people there. And there was not a single bottle of distilled water to be found. But there WAS drinking water. Now what the crap? Were people just grabbing anything? Apparently so. So no distilled water. I have one gallon now. I only wanted two more.

The canned food isle looked like bears had been there. Nothing was left. Not even the gross canned food stuff nobody EVER wants. Gone. All gone.

Wow. Well unable to get my distilled water, which is usually the LAST of the water to go, I go to the beer isle. Plenty of beer there. So I grab some Sam and find the shortest line.

I also went to the rum store for some rum.

Anyhow at some point the 11 AM or 2 PM update came out, and it looks like this.

A shift to the south. Towards the keys.

Huh. How about that.

Anyhow I have to still keep an eye on this thing. But the latest trends look a little better for Miam-Dade County. This thing may just miss Miami. I could still be in tropical storm conditions. Or I could see hurricane conditions.

The next batch of trends will tell more of the story.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

Well, I wish you good luck in being missed by Ike. You can perhaps boil some water to put in a pitcher or other container. I don't know if it gets the chlorine out entirely and therefore might not be the best for the aquarium but is still good for drinking water. Also, allowing water to stand for 24 hours will allow the chlorine to dissipate and can be used for aquarium water then. Again, not perfect but a solution.

Blogger Daisy said...

We are feeling a little better about the storm now.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Looks like it's headed for New Orleans again.

Blogger who wouda thunk it?? said...

This morning, looks like you and my friend Daisy are safely out of the "cone" YAY!!

Blogger Dusty said...

Why is it every time I come to your blog, those games automatically try to download to my computer?

Thats not good Lazy..but thought you should know m'dear. ;)


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