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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This And That

I see nobody read or commented on my fish success post.

Fine. Go on and keep killing fish. Don't do 4 or 5 things to all but guarantee fish success.

But enough about that.

Last week I had a mystery tooth chip event. I was innocently hanging out at home, watching TV. Out of nowhere I noticed a small, rock like substance in my mouth. Not thinking about it too hard I just exhaled hard and sent the object flying.

But then I started to think about it. What the hell was that? Where did it come from?

And then I noticed the pit on one of my front teeth. Not very big, but I could feel it with my tongue. And it had somewhat sharp edges. No pain, but once I knew about it it drove me batty.

I could not leave it alone.

So I contact the dentist office and ask what can be done about it. This resulted in an appointment.

Now really it was not a big deal. Just a small little pit. Hell the sharp edges had even become smooth edges. But still, it was bugging me.

The dentist looked at it, and determined that it was not a big deal. It was not going to be subject to decay (which was what I was concerned about) because the chip was in the "self cleaning area".


Anyhow I made myself at home in the chair, the drill was busted out, there was some minor drilling that did not bother me at all. The drilling took about 30 seconds (if that).

OK so now I am up to about 1 minute in the office.

Next was the applying of the magical tooth putty.

And then there was the special UV light to harden the magical tooth putty.

But apparently this was just the primer coat. For there was some more tooth putty stuff applied. And then it was formed and pressed into place with some sort of blunt metal object.

Then more light treatment to harden the stuff.

Then a little more drilling, to remove the excess.

I was out of the place about 30 minutes after I walked in. So including waiting time and my possible tardiness by a few minutes to the appointment, it was about 15 minutes I was in the back room.


This is about twice as much as a half hour in the champagne room at a strip club would cost. And I did not even get a dance.

But I do not have this pit on my front tooth that drives me crazy.


Blogger Dusty said...

You would of eventually gotten over the pit in your tooth...but a lap dance in the champagne that would of actually been enjoyable dude! ;p

Blogger Lily Strange said...

My jaw is not properly aligned. I have chipped one of my bottom front teeth twice, once chewing gum and once eating salad. I have to be careful.
I think you should write an e-book on fish care and sell it for five bucks. You could potentially make hundreds! Unless you're writing fiction, e-books are a good way to go. You don't have to have a publisher to do them for you.

Blogger TLP said...

You could still go to dental school. Think about it.

I didn't read the fish post because I'm into saving fish from drowning. Best way to do that is take them out of the water. No point in wasting them after that. Just eat them.

Blogger M@ said...

They don't do anything great in the champagne room, I've found. I mean, not at the dumps I used to frequent.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Dusty - it was driving me a little crazy. Plus I was concerned about the long term effects - as in tooth decay. That shit can hurt.

Lily - I do not think anyone has a perfectly aligned jaw. If they do then they are probably a mutant.

TLP - I have. I could afford a much nicer boat.

m@ - You have gone to the wrong places. If you come to South Florida, the general rule is that in the back room things can happen. Or not. It depends on how much money you have. The $100 or $150 goes to the house. The girl does not really get much of that money. So you have to tip on top of the house fee.

But speaking from experience, things have happened just in the lap dance room. I think. I had been drinking a lot. So things were not working as well as it usually works. Which was probably good. I think. And that was just in the lap dance room, which was not exactly very private. More like a booth thing with a couch.

Blogger Fuzz said...

So you had your own Dental Diminishment. And it also got your Pocket Book.

Blogger Fuzz said...

When our cheap goldfish croak, we get to buy new ones. When we get the Feeder Fish if we are nice and polite, and things are slow, they let us pick out the ones we want.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - goldfish like colder water. Ideal temperature for a goldfish is 65 - 68 degrees, and should never rise above 72. The reason is colder water contains more dissolved oxygen than warmer water - and goldfish use a lot of oxygen. They are also messy fish and require more and larger water changes.

Since it gets cold where you are, you would still need a heater, with the thermostat set to 65 - 68 degrees.

And since it also gets warm, you would need a chiller. A chiller is an AC system for fish.

Chillers are also expensive.

They also need a lot of room. figure 5 gallons of water volume for every inch of goldfish.

The reason I never kept goldfish is because they need cold water. Even with the AC cranking, it is not 65 - 68 degrees in the house. it could be, but then the monthly electricity bill would be a lot more. Also - the house would be cold!

So I would need a chiller, but probably not a heater. But fish heaters are cheap, chillers are not.

So I choose to keep tropical fish only. Keeping the water warm is easy.

Blogger Fuzz said...

L- When we lived out in the sticks in an old house it got real cold in there. Sometimes the water even froze- slushie-like. The fish seemed to make it if we didn't warm them up too fast by the fireplace.


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