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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am afraid that the worst case scenario has happened with Gus.

The storm looks like it will pass south of Cuba, remaining out to sea and continuing to gain strength. In the next 72 hours the experimental wind forecast models suggest 125 mph sustained winds. That would make it a strong cat 3 storm, considered to be "major".

Category 4 storms are catastrophic. Category 4 storms have wind speed of at least 131 mph. So really, for all practical purposes a storm with 125 mph winds is going to look a lot like a "weak" category 4.

In other words, it is going to be bad. Unless it makes an unexpected turn into Cuba, and remains over land. Even so, once it makes it to the warm waters of the Gulf it would become a hurricane again.

All interests along the Gulf Coast should be on alert at this point. These kinds of things are not something you play games with. Most people that live along the coast know this. Really, after Katrina everyone should know this. Not just the Big Easy was hit there - many towns were totally flattened. To this day all along the affected area there are piles of match sticks that used to be homes. In Mississippi and in Louisiana.

As for me - I saw what Andrew did to South Florida in 1992. That was enough for me. Once you see it for yourself, you learn not to mess around. Sure - I like to make jokes and stuff, but in the end this really is all business.

Right now the convention is hogging all the air time. I might have some convention madness posts in the next day or two. Maybe. If I feel like it. Which I may.

Or not. Does anyone really care?? I do not know if I even care.


Blogger TLP said...

Well, I kinda care. The convention shit is so boring and you might make it interesting and funny.

I sure hope that El stupido-name doesn't hit you guys too hard, or better yet, not at all.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

TLP = Gus will not visit South Florida. But you probably already know that it is making gas prices go up.

Someone is going to get hit hard by this thing.


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