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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wake Up

Its Sunday! I think. Ill have to check my sources. I did not think there would be a post as I went to sleep without putting one up, but then Fred the big orange cat decided to do something about it. So he came in here, started to meow / howl (loudly) and then jumped up on the bed when he realized I was not going to get up to feed him.

So now I am awake. Fred is sleeping. I am going to wait a few more minutes, then start making noise, and throw a pillow at him. See how the cat likes that! Wake me up huh?? Well two can play that game!

And in other news, it is raining. Or at least it was raining. And it is supposed to rain some more. you see, a weak cold front pushed through. And then as soon as it passed it stalled and reversed direction - as a warm front. And now it is an occluded front that seems to be stalled. So there will be more rain. At some point.

However, as you can see if the weather REALLY wants to screw with you, it will. I am so sure there was much snickering in the production room when this weather report was going on. This is why weather people on TV can be funny. They get so into what they are saying that they sometimes forget to watch out where they are standing.

The other news goons have sense enough to remain seated behind a desk.

Anyhow - that is about all that is going on today! Just a rainy day. Ill have to feed critters soon. The critters eat too darn much.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

The weatherman is secretly a politician.

Blogger The Doozie said...

if you glance at the picture of the weatherman, it looks as if he is holding in his hand huge testicles/penis.

as for today, its officially Spastic Colon Sunday.

I didn't mean a lot of that crap I said over at saurs, I was just starting trouble which is what I do best ;)


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