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Friday, January 30, 2009

Fishing Friday!

That is right - Fishing Friday. Here is how it works. It is Friday, so why not go fishing.

Some people I know only through a boating forum on the internet are in town. Well some of them are ALWAYS in town as they live here. But some are from out of state. I guess this is all part of a Miami International Boat Show pre-party. The boat show will be here soon after all.

Anyhow I will be going out on someone's boat. The plan (right now) is to TRY to head offshore for some fishing in the morning, then retreating to the ICW when the winds build up the seas. Unless the fish are biting.

So that is that. Fishing Friday. Why not.


Blogger Lily Strange said... has been so long since I went fishing! It was before my father had the stroke, and that is four and a half years ago now. I like fishing. I never catch anything, but it's a hell of a good chance to exercise my option to sit on my ass.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

There was no fishing. Outside conditions were not conductive for that thing.


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