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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad News For The Fox

As you may recall, I was able to confirm that there are indeed wild fox roaming about the neighborhood at night. For those of you who live in the woods, you may be thinking "and......" - but I assure you I do not live in the woods.

Which in a way sucks. Sure, there are all kinds of things to do and all, but I actually LIKE the woods. I would not mind at all living in a small plot of woods, in the city. That would be so cool.

But it is not the case. There are 2 trees in the yard. Two. Some of the neighbors have even less. Few have more. So no, you can not exactly point to anything and say "look! The woods!!!".

I contacted Pesky Critters about the fox. The guy who I talked to was none other than this guy, who you may have seen on cable TV animal shows. He is a well known and highly respected critter trapper in South Florida.

And now the bad news. There is no wild fox relocation program. By law, any raccoon, possum, or fox that is captured has to be destroyed. This sucks for the fox. I was hoping that the fox could be taken to a woods, where they could frolic about and do what wild foxes do.

The good news is that Todd says that a fox will not attack a cat. It would be highly unusual fox behavior. They prey in smaller things, like mice and frogs and things. Maybe a possum.

But not cats. The fox may get into a fight with a cat over food, but my cats are not fed outdoors, so it is not likely that this will be a problem. The County was also kind enough to give us peasants large green trash bins, which are fox and dog proof. So there is no raiding on garbage night. The County also gave out smaller blue bins that are fox and dog resistant for the recyclable stuff.

I do not think that any neighbors know about the fox invasion. I am pretty much the only weirdo out at 3 AM, looking for wild animals.

So in light of the fate that would await the fox should they be trapped, I have decided to just do nothing. The fox can hang out here if they want to. If they are not going to mess with the cats, then who cares if they are about. They are not really hurting anything, or causing any problems.

Plus, it is $175 per critter trapped. I can think of better things to do with $175 than harass wild animals that are not causing any problems.

And furthermore, I have decided that I like the foxes.

If I can not live in the woods, at least I can have part of the woods here! And not the crappy part, namely the wild fires and deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease. But the good part, harmless wild critters that do not bother me or anything I own.

I am going to get a cheap wild animal camera. The kind hunters use. The camera is contained in a plastic box, and snaps a photo whenever something trips the motion detector. I can leave the camera set up in the yard, leave some fox food in front of the camera, and wait. Eventually Ill get photographic proof of the fox.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

I'm glad it seems to be all right to let the fox hang out. It would suck to be offed just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Blogger Daisy said...

That guy is famous! I have seen him on Animal Planet lots of times. Too bad the fox cannot be relocated.

I really like your idea to try to capture photos of him.

Blogger Fuzz said...

We have those guys around here, but they mostly stay out of sight. Sometimes they turn up as roadkill. I think they're pretty little things.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lily - I just wanted to relocate the critters to a place where they would be in a more natural environment. But if this is not going to happen, then I would rather leave them be where they are at now. Under someone's utility shed or where ever they hide in the day.

Daisy - the main reason I knew to call Pesky Critters is because the dude in on TV so much. It is good free advertising for his business.

Fuzz - Florida fox are even smaller. The wildlife experts say they are really small and not really a threat unless they are rabid. If I thought they were rabid, I would call animal control and the police would come take care of the issue. But since this is not the case, I guess there are just going to be wild fox running around the area!

Blogger The Doozie said...

attacking a cat would be highly unusual fox behavior? And wandering around in neighborhoods with no woods is not? shoot the fox


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