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Friday, March 27, 2009


I think I am ready for my closed book navigation rules test.

This means that if I see a ship displaying two black ball shapes, I know it is not under command. And I also know that at night, that same ship would display two red lights.

If it is aground, the day signal is three black balls - at night there would be a white light over two reds. A vessel not under command (two reds) that happens to be at anchor only displays the normal anchor lights. However many it needs. One if 50 meters or less, two if more than 50 meters, and two with deck lights if it is more than 100 meters.

Exciting huh? Yea, I thought so.

But exciting or not, I have to know it. So I learned it.

The test is on Tuesday. Tuesday is actually a big day!! Got lots of things to do - and it is ALL important!!


Blogger Lily Strange said...

I'll cross my fingers for you and say my best pirate "Arrrr!" at an inappropriate time, which should send some sort of good luck your way.


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