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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reel Mowers And Other Boring Things

This will be a banner week, with a whole lot to do!

Well not really. It is pretty boring here. Slow. Nothing exciting.

Ill take that back. Something exciting did happen. A friend of mine contracted me to haul a bunch of crap. The deal was that it was all "good stuff", and it was free. So I got this rather large fake Christmas tree. Anyone want a rather large fake Christmas tree? It comes in three boxes. I really do not need it.

Now to make the deal attractive to me, various things were thrown in. Such as a free Sirius satellite radio receiver - WITH a free home kit! In exchange for this, I had to agree to take shit I did not want, things like a rather large fake Christmas tree.

I also got a barely used reel lawn mower. What is a reel lawn mower? Well it has no motor, and requires no oil, gas, or electricity. You push it, and this action causes a bunch of blades to spin around, which cuts the grass. Totally manual.

You know things are boring when the most exciting thing that happens is getting a free lawn mower that requires actual effort to use.

But all will change!!! Possibly.

I have to go on a journey. A quest. I must go to the tower of confusion, and search the records for various documents. To do this I must sail across the sea. Then I must face the troll who keeps the records. Then I must face the wizard who keeps the copy machine. Then I must venture home.

Sounds fun huh? And cryptic. It has to be.

For you see, blogging and employment are not always friends. People have been shit canned because employers found out about a blog. You must be VERY CAREFUL. Hiding your real identity is always a decent idea.


Yea, I know. You are 18 and think you know all about the internet. After all, you were three or four years old when you first obtained access.

But trust me here - posting photos of your dumb ass, drunk and passes out - is a BAD idea. Employers tend to want to check out applicants. If I were involved in a hiring decision, I would go to My Space and Facebook and Twitter and shit and just enter your name and other information provided to me on your application. And if I should find a photo of you smoking from a 4 foot bong, or passes out drunk - well lets just say that photo may get posted to the break room "dumbass of the year" bulletin board. Which of course you will never see. You have to work someplace to see the break room.

Another tip - just because you delete something does not mean it is gone. Google has archives.

But meanwhile, nothing exciting is going on.

I am holding out hope that something exciting will happen soon. More on that later. Maybe.


Blogger The Doozie said...

oh dear...none of my sharpie exploits have ever hit that level.

This just in. A sighting of a creature roaming about town with the head of a fox and the body of a wolf. It is wearing a paper cup on it's head like a crown, and is drawing a crowd.

Blogger Becca said...

I know many employers who have not hired people because of pictures they found on facebook. Just be smart, restrict access to your profile. Don't let the whole world see your drunken escapade pictures.

Maybe I'm not the right person to give advice, I have about 8 pictures on my facebook and none involve alcohol (I'm just that boring...or something)

And....that sharpie picture is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - there are much better sharpie jobs out there. Google images rules.

Becca - my Facebook account is not restricted. But my Facebook account does not reference this blog at all. My Facebook account is used only for a respected volunteer group I am part of.

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