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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Technology Update

Here at The Rantings Of The Lazy Iguana, we are always interested in new and advanced technology.

But sometimes we are also amazed at how you can assemble old technology in new ways that allow the lazy to cut corners and still get things done.

And we also think it is a little creepy when an individual refers to them self in the third person, and say "we" when they really mean "I".

As many of you are aware - one of the banes of my existence is mowing the lawn. I find it to be a pointless waste of time. Nature wants the grass to grow. Yet suburban man is obsessed with keeping it short. So all summer - when it is hot as hell outside and I would rather be doing something else - the lawn needs to be mowed.

And of course it just grows back, needing another mowing.

Now pay attention to this - because you are about to learn something important.

You can take that dastardly self propelled walk behind mower and make it into a self propelled robot. And all you need is a thin rope, a metal spike, and a garden hose reel. You can also do away with the garden hose reel by substituting a ring clamp.

A You tube video is worth a thousand words so here you go!!!

By the way, if you can not figure out how a ring clamp can replace the hose reel - all you need to do is ring clamp one end of the thin rope to the spike.


Blogger Dusty said...

How freaking cool is that? The Ball n' Chain™ is with you regarding how useless it is to mow the lawn when it's hot as hell.

I must pass this video on to him..thanks Lazy!

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I like this lawn mower. Now if only I could get a remote house cleaning robot.


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