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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nothing To Say Sunday

The title about says it all.

Things have been pretty slow here. REALLY slow.

Even so, there is still a list of things I have to do. Problem is getting them done. Things keep getting in the way. It is easy to put of one list of things in order to concentrate on another thing.

For example, the truck is over 1k miles overdue for an oil change. That is something that has to get resolved Monday. I can change my own oil, but the timing belt has to be replaced. I might as well have the oil changed at the same time. What the hell.

A bunch of stuff also has to be moved. I still do not know exactly where it will be moved to, I figure Ill just "wing it".

Next Saturday I plan to watch the July 4th show from the water. But next Saturday seems so darn far away.


Blogger M@ said...

I change my oil every 3k religiously but some guys say you can go longer and it ain't no thing....

Blogger Utah Savage said...

I too have that scattered feeling.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - Toyota recommends an oil change every 5k miles. I had always heard 3k too, but it seems that was for older cars (made with older less precise technology) that would consume some oil while running, and also to sell more motor oil. Also, if you say 3k and someone goes 4k - no big deal.

I am about 1500 miles over the service point. I need to resolve that shit.

Utah - scattered is not the right word. I would go with "fragmented". So much - yet so little - is going on.


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