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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Water Intensive Weekend

Saturday: The day of the test is here. I have to go out on the boat and demonstrate I am not some sort of idiot. People will be watching and taking notes, evaluating how I do. If I screw up - I fail. If I do not screw up I pass. And that is all there is to it.

If I fail nothing really happens, I just get to do it all over again later.

Sunday: The plan is to just go out. No testing involved. There may even be beer in the cooler. I am thinking that the ODOTD (official drink of the day) shall be ......


A nice refreshing summer drink, composed of beer (Blue Moon is a good choice) mixed to taste with lemonade - usually 50/50. But you can really vary the proportions as you see fit.

Orders for the day include meeting one passenger at the boat club, then heading off to cruise around a bit. Then later pick up another passenger at some other location. Or maybe pick up both at the same time and location. Or whatever.

My idea - which may be over ruled, is to leave early but not too early. 10ish is good. Then cruising out to a party spot to commence hanging out.

As the sun creeps up, and it gets hotter and hotter - it will be a good time to seek a place to hide. So by 11:30 be docked somewhere for lunch. Hang out there (where there is a lot of shade) until around 2 or so (or till everyone wants to go) then cruise another party spot.

Then be back at the docks by whenever. Probably not much later than 5 PM.

Being able to leave the boat in the water really does make things so darn much easier.


Blogger actonbell said...

I'm jealous. Good luck with the test, too.

It been raining cats and dogs here.


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