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Friday, January 19, 2007

China Shoots Down A Satellite

It seems that China has the ability to shoot down satellites. They shot down one of their own old weather satellites on the 11th of this month.

What this means is that China has ballistic missiles. They already had the bomb. So now they have ICBMs! Long range nukes.

And they can take out US satellites. Communications. GPS. Spy birds. All that stuff can now be taken out. Without it, much of our high tech military advantage is gone. Hell just taking out the GPS birds will seriously effect military operations - even if the communications satellites are left alone.

Bush has launched a formal diplomatic complaint. So have other nations.

But China probably could care less about any "formal diplomatic complaint". OHHH an angry letter!! We better stop! Look, Bush wrote it himself! We know this because it seems to be written in red crayon!

Of course, the USA has had this ability for some time now. In 1985 anti satellite missiles were launched from the USA. They worked. The weapon was, of course, made to use against the Soviet Union.

And China's anti satellite weapon is aimed at the USA. What other nation uses as many military birds as the USA? Nobody. Russia may still have a few up there, but since the end of the Soviet Era many birds were probably never replaced when they broke. And out NATO allies? They have some birds of their own - but the whole point in an alliance is to share and combine forces and equipment. So in the event of a NATO strike, US birds are shared to some point.

So what will the USA do? Nothing. That is what we will do. Not a thing. China will continue spending money on research for new weapons - and no angry letters will stop them.

But really - what can we do? Embargo? HA! An embargo against Chinese goods would hurt us FAR MORE than it would hurt them. Say good buy to Wal-Mart and Target! With no Chinese goods to fill these stores, they would close. Stock values in the retail sector would crash. Billions in investment would be lost. Jobs would be lost. The entire economy would collapse.

So no embargo. OK then a military strike! BZZZZZZZ - can't do that! Once again, that would cut off the flow of goods to the USA. Plus, all our forces are busy in Iraq. China will not be an easy foe to beat in a conventional war - it will require every rifle, every ship, every plane, and every bullet. We would have to "let the terrorists win" to do anything to China.

We sold China our industrial capacity for fun and profit. The Chinese know we NEED them and their goods to make our economy work. They KNOW there is nothing the USA can do to stop them, short of a terrible war that will totally wreck the nation as we know it today.

I hope those who profited greatly from outsourcing to China enjoy the piles of money they made! The results of that sale are just now starting to show themselves.

The Chinese are playing by our rules, by capitalism's rules. And they may just end up beating us. Not with a military, but on an economic level. By our own rules. At least they are fighting fair though.



Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I love your theories. I pray every night for your China embargo theory to come true.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

A China embargo would be BAD. Terrible! Millions would be out of work, billions would be lost in sales, small towns where Wal-Mart is the only retailer left would dry up and blow away - it would be bad.

Blogger Badoozie said...

my suggestion is to stab them until they quit moving.

i think the japanese were the ones who caused katrina by moving the earth or something, so maybe the chinese felt left out?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I love your theories Badoozie. We really need to hang out in a coffee shop in Amsterdam some day. Ill bet we could come up with some GREAT shit. Over some great shit. Or something like that.

Ill make you my Minister of Foreign Affairs when I take some place over and install myself as Emperor. Diplomatic visas for EVERYONE! No cop will be able to arrest you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh!!!! Can I be your head diplomat...secretary of state thingy???? I wanna blow up Japan for the whole Katrina debaucle. No more trade with China!! Blow all the satellites out of the sky!

I'm a reasonable person...Really I am.


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