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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So the Wellcraft Coastal 25 footer turned out to be a POS. The boat itself was in decent shape - or so it seemed, but the engines were both shot. One was stuck in the up position because the power trim pump died. From all evidence, the boat had been kept in the water for some time. It had a fresh coat of bottom paint. The corrosion on the outboards was pretty extensive. Who knows that kind of mess the wiring was in. The guy will never sell it for the price he is asking - except to an idiot.

So I need to keep looking. This weekend my dad and myself are going to look at this beast.

This is a 22'7'' Trophy with a single 225 HP outboard. It has a fully enclosed helm, which is cool. It also has a hard top which is cool. In foul weather the helm area will stay pretty dry. There is also a small cabin that will sleep 2 - or so the seller claims. It is a "walk around" design meaning that you can "walk around" the cabin to get to the bow. The boat has an 8.5 foot beam and is only 22 feet long. So this means that the cabin can not be any wider than 8.5 feet, and no more than 10 feet in length. And since the cabin is in the bow, it comes to a point. So the average width of the thing is probably around 5 - 6 feet. Pretty small. But for a weekend cruise, it is enough.

And I could also enclose the entire boat in canvas, stretched from the hard top to the gunnels and stern of the boat. This would turn the entire space into a sleeping area. Add some cots and there you go. I could even set my little Honda generator on the bow safely, as it will be in open air even if I enclose the whole boat. Of course I would put in a few CO detectors if I did this. But here is the cool part - and this is critical - the little generator will run a small marine AC. And with such a small cabin, I would not need a very large AC.

The engine is newer than the boat, and still has a year and a half in the warranty. This may be a winner here. Maybe. It all depends on what I see when I look at it, and if the guy will play with the asking price a little.

New Iguana Music thanks to a suggestion from Senor Caiman



Blogger Meow said...

Looks like a pretty cool boat, hope it turns out to be what you are after. Good luck.
Take care, Meow

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

Suddenly, my being landlocked doesn't seem very cool. I NEED a boat too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

make sure you check for stinky mold up in that cuddy cabin

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

Nice music.

Finding a good used boat is never easy that's for sure.

Doozie is right about stinky cabin issues. I'll never forget the time in a stinky cabin with about 20 mosquitos. There's something about stink and mosquitos that just isn't pleasant in a cuddy.

Blogger Senor Caiman said...


There was someone from the United Kingdom just looking at your blog. I wouldn't trust him.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Meow - I hope so too. I want a weekend cruiser.

Ed - Boats rule. They are a way of life.

Badoozie - it is actually easy to prevent mold in a boat cabin.

Caiman - I love my visitors from the UK. I hope that when I get to London they can show me some cool pubs to hang out in, get wasted, and make fun of the Scottish.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I love boats and I love water. But me being on a boat in the water = visions of the Cutty Sark conversation. My inner ears are so completely messed up that the only way for me to go out on a boat is to be completely loopy on those anti-motion sickness pills, and then I don't really enjoy the ride because I'm just goofy. So, may I say, envious as hell, and have fun on the beautiful boat!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Boats are cool. A lot of people call a cuddy cabin the "sea sick cabin". It is a small place with no windows and only small portholes. If the boat rocks too much people tend to hurl.

The cabin is for when you are safely anchored in protected water.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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