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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Goings On

Got a whole load of stuff going on here!

First, I signed up for the annual County sponsored Biscayne Bay cleanup. Last year there were 6,000 volunteers who removed several tons of trash. I will of course be in my boat, acting as some sort of free water taxi for volunteers that need to get to various locations only accessible by sea. I will be based from this marina, located off the 79th Street Causeway - like anyone knows where the hell that is. And I will be taking people to the islands that you can see to the north and south of the causeway.

I never use the Pelican Harbor Marina. I need new charts for that area. My charts cover from Marathon in the Keys to just north of the Port Of Miami.

Second, Iguana Music is updated. Get money. New money. I just got a Cadillac, on which I am going to throw some D's on. Whatever the hell that means.

Third - I get to go scope out a boat today. A 22 foot 7 inch walk around cuddy cabin with a fully enclosed helm. I need this boat upgrade because it has a lot more freeboard than my boat. Freeboard is the distance from the gunnels to the waterline. The gunnels are the top of the side of a boat. The more freeboard you have, the safer the boat is. It takes a larger wave to swamp the boat. But freeboard comes at a cost. The boat is pushed around more by the wind. It could make it harder to get the boat back on a trailer at the boat ramp. If the boat passes my strict quality control inspection and the guy bites at whatever offer that me and my associates decide to make - then the weekend cruiser may come to live here for a bit.

Forth - there is no forth! Or is there? It is a mystery. There is some mysterious mysteries going on, so obscured by clouds that nobody really knows what it means. Except for me. I know what everything means. I have the secret decoder ring from the cereal box that allows me to decipher the secret message. A=Z, B=X, C=Y, and so on. But not exactly. I am not authorized to give the real secret decipher key out. But who knows. I have delusions all the time.



Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

I wish it was legal to shoot people who litter. I would love to be a litter policeman.

Good luck with your boat search. Why don't you have your Dad buy it and you keep it for him?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like senor's idea. Hit your dad up. Also, I'll take option number 4 for 500 dollars. Can't wait to hear what I get.

Good luck with the litter removal

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Two thumbs up for participating in the cleanup effort! And I like Senor Caiman's idea about litterers too.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Caiman - Elect me Governor of Florida and I will make you my Litter Czar. Ill probably fire the Drug Czar and give you his salary so as to not increase the budget. I will then pass a State Law that says if you get busted littering, your property is declared a public dump. So I can toss my garbage in your house, car, or even stuff your pockets full of coffee grounds. Florida will be the cleanest place on Earth!

Badoozie - I could tell you what is behind door number 4. And I may do this - but not now. I am not authorized to distribute classified information. But it has something to do with bowling.

CM - any excuse to take the boat out is a good excuse.


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