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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ba D Fun Fact

New Iguana Music. The song title is the same, but the music and words are a little bit different. This Iguana Music feature was banned by the BBC. I wonder why?

First, I was asked for a BOAT FUN FACT! So here it goes. It seems that someone may not think my Queen fun facts were very fun. I do admit that the last one was lame. I could not think of something to make up so I searched the internet for a real one. The one I stole from was the best however.

Ever hear the term "three sheets to the wind" applied to someone who is drunk? You know, you see someone who is so drunk they can not even walk straight. They are wobbling and taking steps sideways and going backwards and whatever. It is like their brain is not connected to their feet. This person is "three sheets to the wind".

On a sailboat, the lines that hold the sails fast are called "sheets". If your sheet line snaps, that sail will not be able to harness the wind. It will just flop about all willy-nilly. So if you are on a traditional triple masted merchant sailing ship and your "three sheets are to the wind" then you have no control over the boat. None. Your boat will go wherever the current and wind push it. Most of the time, this is where you do not want to go.

Cool huh?

And now for my day!

I did drive all the way to the keys to look at another boat. The boat I saw is not as pretty as the other boat I looked at. But this boat is a 1996, the other is a 2001. The 96 boat is bigger - 22 foot VS 19 foot. The beam (width) is the same. This boat has twin 90 HP outboards.

I liked the boat, but I think the guy is still asking a little too much. And it has no trailer. It was sitting in the water, but not for too terribly long. It is sea worthy. I am facing a little bit of a crisis here. The 22 footer is larger and will therefore give a better ride. But it is heavier. I think it may be just a little underpowered with the twin 90 mp engines. With one person it would be fine - but loaded with fuel and ice and beer and 4 people it may be a little sluggish. It has a place to put a toilet.

But the 19 footer is prettier and newer. And it has a trailer.

Anyway, here are some photos. Click the photo for a larger image.

This is the east side of the 7 mile bridge. I took it while driving. Bit if you make the photo larger, you can read the road sign that says "7 mile bridge".

And here is another photo of the bridge, about a mile or two in. To the right you can see the old bridge, preserved for historical reasons. And also for fishing pier reasons. And also because there is some research center on a small plot of land in the middle of the old bridge. And also because leaving it alone is cheaper than messing with it. Off on the distance you can see where the bridge goes over the main channel. Also you can see it was a less than perfect day.

Oh yea, and I saw an endangered key deer. They are like regular deer, only much smaller. And they can swim. No photo of the deer, I had to drive. As you can see the road is a two lane highway. Accidents on the 7 mile bridge are usually VERY bad because most of them involve head on collisions at high speed. But I saw the key deer on Big Pine Key not the bridge.

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Blogger cathouse teri said...

Holy hell! Someone finally took a picture of just the ground! :)

I'm glad you had a fun day. Sorry the boat decision is such a struggle, but when you find your girl, you'll know it!

So what do you call a deer with no eyes?
No eye deer.
And a deer with no eyes and no legs?
Still no eye deer.

Those play on words jokes just don't work when you type them out. :)

(I apologize for my familiar behavior, but since I see you daily at the Doozie place, I feel like I know you!)

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I had to say "no eye deer" out loud a few times to catch that one.

That is not just "the ground". It is the famous Seven Mile Bridge.

I could have taken better photos, but not from a moving truck that I am driving.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Yes dear, I knew it was the bridge. You told me to click to enlarge the image, and I did, just like a good girl. Someday I'll have a camera phone and will get to post such things. Until then, I'll have to let you all do it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was talking about fun facts at my blog, because of that video on senor's blog, where Jay leno made fun of fun facts that are actually not fun at all but rather gross. I hope you didin't think I was putting down your fun facts, cause I most certainly was not. Your facts could very well be considered fun. Mine were not fun. they were depressing.

carry on
as you were

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

The first picture I see was taken at 10:12:40 and the second picture was taken at 10:13:03 "a mile or two" in. Assuming that meant 1.5 miles, by my calculations you were driving approximately 238.78 miles per hour. No wonder the accidents are nasty.

Blogger TLP said...

Good point Ed Abbey!

Hey LI, be careful out there.

Blogger Matt said...

Only three feet. Get the nicer one, even if it is shorter.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

That Ed Abbey is funny!
I'm gonna go see him.

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

I say get the smaller one with the trailer. If it were me though I would buy a new one.

I wish they would dredge that route and make a causeway.

They have deer that you can see during the day? This is the first year I haven't had some sort of altercation with a deer. Knock on wood.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ba Doozie - Jay Leno is funny. He knows his chin is something to be made fun of.

Ed - maybe it was less than a mile or two down the bridge. I was driving, not snapping photos. I might have overestimated the distance a but.

TLP - cops never pull you over on the bridge. They get you as you exit the bridge. Once you get on the bridge you look in the rear view mirror. If you do not see a cop then you are Mad Max. Go as fast as you want.

Matt - the 19 footer is really nice.

Caiman - a new boat would cost twice as much. I am leaning toward the 19 footer. The guy is asking too much for the 22 footer. Henry Flagler already tried to fill in the channels. Legend has it that the Seven Mile Bridge was the first "bridge" on the Flagler Railroad. When the hurricane came there was no place for the water to go - so all those areas filled in were opened up again. You can see key deer any hour of the day or night.

Blogger Normy said...

I would go for the 19 footer, at least you get a trailer with it and it's a little bit newer. If you're not sure about either one of them, keep on looking! I'm sure there are several good boats in Florida. Just maybe.


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