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Monday, May 07, 2007

Busy Monday

MOVIE REVIEWS! That is right, reviews. As in more than one. But less than three.

1. Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash - kind of alarming really. What happens at peak oil? Are we there yet? Are we ignoring it? How much longer can the party last? Who knows. Maybe we are at peak oil now. The film goes into the history of oil, and how in less than 100 years the USA has pretty much been pumped dry. They show the former oil boom tons in Texas, now populated by more rusting machinery than people. And they interview people that live there and remember the boom saying how everyone said the oil would never run out. Only it did. The UK has almost pumped the North Sea reserves dry. Some fields in Venezuela are dry. Pretty much the only place that has not hit peak in the Middle East - but you have to believe them when they say so. Saudi Arabia has reported the same reserves for many years now.

Tears Of The Sun - Civil war breaks out in Congo. Some US Navy Seals are ordered to go to a mission and get the foreign nationals out. But the doctor woman will not leave without the refugees that are in the mission. The Seal team leader has to decide what to do. Leave the people there to die, or try to help them.

And thus, the movie reviews are concluded. For now.

What an ACTION PACKED WEEK I have in store! I got so much going on that I will be busy every day! I am having to take some time off the sideline job to get it all done.

Today I have to drive to the Keys. Yea I know - you pitty me. What a horrible thing to have to do. Ill bring back a photo of the 7 mile bridge. I am going to be 17 miles from Key West to look at a boat. A 22 foot power cat. I really do not know what to expect from this boat. She will have to be really clean to compete with the 19 foot power cat. Then on the way back I have to complete a spy mission to a food and beer place. It seems that the place is popular with the locals, and off the main road so the tourists do not know about it. Then return home. Oh yea and I might go to Sloppy Joe's for a beer. Why the hell not. I will be 17 miles from the place. But parking in Old Town Key West is a pain in the ass. So I may not go.

FUN QUEEN FACT! This will be the last fun fact. I think the Queen ends her visit today. Horses and custom-built, chauffered Rolls Royces and Bentleys are fine for outings but it wasn't always so. Queen Elizabeth learned how to drive in 1945 when she joined the Army. Speaking of transportation, the queen also ventured into the London subway. In May 1939, she and her governess Marion Crawford along with Princess Margaret dared to take the Tube.

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Blogger Sar said...

Great movie reviews. Crude Awakening - catchy title, available through Netflix?

I saw Spidey 3 this weekend. It didn't totally suck. The Sandman graphics were awesome. Now go see it so you can give it a proper review. Maybe between sloppy joes & beers. ;)

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Crude Awakening sounds like an interesting one. I'll have to try and remember that title.
Whenever I'm going through a bad bout with fibromyalgia plus mental crap, which I am right now, I wish I could be somewhere else other than my old couch, so thinking about the image of the bridge leading to Key West (which I've never been to) was pleasant for me because it's very different than what I'm used to.
Right now a Sloppy Joe and a beer sounds great!
It's the Son's birthday tomorrow so I need to pull my head out of this place of gloom and make it a good day for him.

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

Those Navy Seals are crazy.

I thought there were only Gays in the Keys now, am I wrong?

What about sex with the girl. Shouldn't that be on the list?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what girl are you having sex with?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Sar - Crude Awakening is really something. It points out too well what we know, and what we are pretending will never happen.

CM - I got a couple of photos of the 7 mile bridge while I was driving on it. I did not make it all the way to Key West, I was 17 miles east of mile marker 0 (the end of US1). Sloppy Joe's in a bar that Ernest Hemingway liked to get drunk in, not a tasty sandwich. Say Happy Birthday for me.

Caiman - there are a fair number of fruits in Key West. The Keys in general are a popular gay vacation spot. But then again, The Keys are a popular vacation spot with everyone. Nobody will bother you in Key West unless you want them to.

Ba Doozie - I posted a photo of the girl already. She is 19 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and very white.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

Movie mania!!

I wonder how bad of a driver the queen actually is.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

It would be fun to see the Queen drive an Army "Duce and half".

I think she may drive her own Range Rover on the Royal Estate in Scotland.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Alright, I'll bite. Let's hear the "boat fun facts!"

So you're not going to review the new Spiderman movie?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I usually only review Netflix movies. You can see what crap I have at home in the right sidebar.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Well there ain't nuthin wrong with that!

I'll review Spidey 3 for you. Spidey was whiney. But apparently, according to some of the comic book readers, Spidey is known to be one of the most human of the superheroes.

The movie was too long and too mushy. But it was okay. I mean, I didn't hate it. You gotta kill 2.5 hrs somewhow, and you can only have so much sex!

There you go. You can't ask for more than an unasked for review on your own page!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Excellent! I just heard a bad review on the G4 network "Attack Of The Show". But the opening weekend was HUGE!


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