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Monday, September 24, 2007

The End Of The World As I Know It....I Feel Fine.

What a dull weekend! Seriously.

But things should pick up soon. I hope. I am kind of looking forward to the interview that is going down next week. I have to remember to wear pants. It is very important. I could use the change of pace, so I do not want to bomb this. That would suck. Really.

But there could be consequences! Like for example having to give up my night shift lifestyle. I have got used to my night shift life. The night time is the right time. I see the moon more than the sun. I like the moon better than the sun. The sun hurts your eyes and can cause eye damage if you look at it. But the moon - oh no! The moon is cool. You can look at it all you want. Even through a telescope. No problem. Try that with the sun. Actually - don't. You will suffer major eye damage unless the telescope has special solar filters installed.

I also like the night sky. There are stars and star clusters and planetary nebulas and galaxies and all manners of stuff to look at - if you know where to look. But the daytime sky just has boring clouds. Yawn.

And my weekends may not translate into reality very well. My "weekends" will probably end up being what you would call a "weekday".

Of course I really do not know! I am guessing. So enough of that. But really, all this is just speculation. Wild and possibly crazy speculation. What I know can fit in a thimble, and there will still be room left over.

So I do not really know. But guessing is fun.




Blogger Ems said...

I saw a cool boat today. It was so big they had to lift the bridge. I think Donald Trump or Tiger Woods came to our humble town. That boat was freaking huge.

In other news, I want to get a telescope for the kids at Christmas. I think they would like seeing the Planet Formerly Known As Pluto.

Blogger Ems said...

Jim Carrey's movie, 23 looks kind of creepy.

Anonymous krok76 said...

The Lazy,

That toad reminds me a lot of Doozie.

Good luck on the interview.

Blogger TLP said...

Good luck. I hope whatever you want to happen, happens.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember at the interview, when they ask for your questions you need to ask if they ever prosecute

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Emma - You just gave me an idea for a post! I still need to watch The Number 23.

Krok - the hypnotoad was supposed to hypnotize people into leaving comments. Stupid toad.

TLP - so do I. It would be nice to find a big huge massive pile of gold and then have sex with the entire Swedish Bikini Team.

Doozer - I am going to ask if I can get free coffee. I think that free coffee should be something provided to all workers. And I am not talking about no stupid "coffee club" thing. I mean FREE. This could become a major sticking point.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Hail the Hypnotoad!
I will never give up my night shift lifestyle unless I start making money off selling my book, chocolate, coffee, jerky and candles. Especially the book. Then I will have slightly less late night lifestyle. I like getting up at the crack of noon! And I like staying up till about 2 A.M. Much beyond that is forcing myself. But its still better than working the day shift.
My favorite hours are bartender's hours--about 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.


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