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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who Remembers WCIX TV?

So, you think you are a real Miami resident huh? Well maybe not. You may live in Pennsylvania and not claim to be a Florida resident at all. But whatever.

If you do claim to be a South Florida resident, but you do NOT remember any of the following TV clips - guess what? You are a transplant. Please go back to wherever you came from. Reduce the traffic I have to deal with.

WOW! Only $9.97 for a remote control A Team Van! Sweet! Give me 100 of them. I could probably sell them on E-Bay for $100 a pop!

Only $11,998 for a new custom conversion van? SWEET!But $250 for a microwave?? Come on! That is a rip off! And pay attention to the Publix commercial. The S&H green stamps logo is in there. Remember green stamps? I do. And how about that primitive looking Service Merchandise "Fuzzbuster" radar detector?

Do people really harass supermarket employees about which plastic wrap clings best? I guess so. It was an 80s thing. And is the Presidential Physical Fitness program still active? I remember that. But back then, video games consisted of "Pong" or if you were cool you had an Atari 2400 in all its 8 bit glory. If it even had that many bits. So us kids played outside more than kids today do.

Uhhhh...I think it is too late to enter the contest. And who remembered that there was a C3PO cereal? I had forgot about that.

Snipets? Can I be serious here? Well - yes. They used to show Snipets during afternoon cartoon shows. While kids were watching the TV eating junk food. WOODSY THE OWL! I remember Woodsy The Owl! I give a hoot - I do not pollute. Except for the sxcessice amounts of CO2 my truck produces. Lets not even talk about the boat! That thing is horrible. I might get 4 miles per gallon out of it, but probably not. If I get 3 miles per gallon that would still be "good". In reality, I get 1 - 2 miles per gallon out of it. And then it burns oil. Sorry Woodsy! The boat is here to stay.

More Snipets. And why does a tennis player need good grades? Please. Tennis players only need to know how to make a bong out of a tennis ball can.

Did you catch that? Right after the creepy giant raccoon riding the school bus, and before the annoying little girl telling us how to make granola, there is a brief segment with someone talking. Did you recognize the voice? Yup. Larry King. He used to be on the TV and radio here.

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Blogger TLP said...

I make no Florida claims. But I was there once. Maybe twice.

So you guys are to blame for Larry King, huh? I cannot stand him.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

TLP - I am afraid that South Florida is responsible for Larry King. He was a fixture on local talk radio and apparently the TV back in the day.

But we are NOT responsible for Geraldo Rivera. You can blame him on New York City. So it could have been worse.

Anonymous krok5 said...

The Lazy,

I shook Don King's hand one time.


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