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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Grade 8 Hardware

Well I got my Grade 8 bolt. I went to this welding shop that sells quality hardware. This bolt can withstand some serious sheer forces. It will break before it bends. I put it in the boat winch and put it under load......and nothing. No bending at all. Not even a little. Sweet.

BUT....the new winch strap I had bought is damaged. So that needs to be replaced. The thing is only a week old and it already needs to be replaced.

Home Depot - you suck so much that I can not even begin to get into it. The suckness factor of Home Depot is like the gravity of all the black holes in the universe combined - infinite.

Anyhow - that is all over with. Now I know better. Next time I go back to that place it will be to release a swarm of killer bees.

I think microwave popcorn is the greatest invention of the 20th century. Yes some may say that the jet engine is the greatest invention, but I say microwave popcorn.

Speaking of popcorn, you can get FREE POPCORN BY CLICKING HERE! Just pay a small shipping charge. The TV commercial I am watching right now says this is some good popcorn. So click the link and get some. Get it now before someone uses that corn to make ethanol. I ordered mine. Or at least I am going to order mine.

Sunday there is a plan to go out in the boat. This should be fun. I have little idea what is going on. No point in thinking about it too much. Just go with the flow.

I promise that I will not have another post that mentions math for a long time. I apologize for the math from yesterday. I try to not do that.

To make up for the math, here is a photo of what I would look like if I were a pirate. If you have an I-Phone you can download an application for it called "pirate". Now any photo you take with the phone can be instantly turned into a pirate photo. And they say the I-Phone is just another phone!
The parrot's name is "scurvy". Can you tell I was drinking beer when the photo was taken? Well I was. I was also giving "the shocker" hand signal, but that did not make it in the photo.

By the way - one more thing. I have the ultimate answer to the age old question "which came first, the chicken or the egg".

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Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

Kettle corn...hmmmmm.

Did you check out that page with the info for the tags? I had to get instructions from there, but that's how I learned HTML/CSS.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I did - and I could not figure it out in 5 minutes so I gave up. Ill try again later.

Blogger Daisy said...

Microwave popcorn is the greatest!

ps: Be careful that the bird does not poop on your shoulder.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about the microwave popcorn but holy crap, that popcorn is not FREE,,it's freakin 3 bux a bag dude! it does not cost 6 dollars to mail two freakin little things of popcorn, I can't believe you fell for that gimmick...anything endorsed by oprahwindbag..oh nevermind.

nice pic. I photoshopped the hat and mustache off and im pretty sure I saw you in a b rated film awhile back

Blogger AP3 said...

Nice picture!

Yeah, Home Depot is sad news.

Anonymous krok7 said...


you look hot as a pirate. How is that new job going?

My sister sent me a giant halloween tin of popcorn, I just love cheese popcorn. So does Smellie Dos, she won't leave me alone.

I had it made for so many years and they went and promoted me. The last time I was in charge they paid me $100k to leave. Don't people talk to one another?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Daisy - Skipper loves microwave popcorn.

Doozie - my B movie screen name is "Long Dong Silver". You may have seen me in my latest DVD "Shiver Me Timber (With Your Tongue)"

AP3 - That place is on my shit list. it sucks.

Krok - The job.......AGGGHHHHHH! The process is still pending. I have to go through a series of background checks which are still ongoing.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I love popcorn so I'll be getting some of that!
I look like something from the house of horrors when I'm drunk. My skin gets really pasty and my eyes are bloodshot, and under the horrible florescent glow of club bathroom lighting...urgh! I'm glad I don't get drunk anymore!
Heh...and with that description I find myself feeling the fool that I used to wonder why nobody except drunk losers would look at me twice!

Blogger Kristen said...

$6 for two bags of popcorn? See, this is where I reveal that I love popcorn so much, I bought a reusable microwave popcorn popper so that I could buy popcorn in kernel form. It's way more cost-effective that way, and I know that the butter flavoring is real butter (or Molly Mc). The popper can be used as a popcorn dish, so there's still only the one thing to wash, dish-wise (it's dishwasher safe, too, I think).

How do your other pets like the parrot? They get along OK?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - at least you are realistic about how you look when you are drunk. Most people seem to think they look better than they actually do when they are drunk.

Kristen - I think I love you. That microwave corn popper thing is amazing. I am going to order one. I never knew such a thing existed.

Blogger Kristen said...

It's the bomb, that popper thing. You have to get little cardboard liners for it, but they're reusable. They do make some microwave poppers that are just hard plastic and don't require liners, but this was the one I saw first. Happy popping!


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