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Monday, October 22, 2007

Reality Is Biased

As the Earth continues to revolve and rotate around the sun, causing the sun to rise and set and the seasons to slowly pass - time keeps on ticking.

And so it is that another week begins. Exciting huh? I thought so. Stupid planet with its revolving and rotating! Hey planet - this shit is getting old already. You are such a one trick pony. Billions of years (or maybe only 6,000 years depending on what crazy theories you subscribe to) of the same old thing. Spinning and revolving. Yawn.

So yea, a new week begins. And what shall this week bring? Fun? Adventure? Excitement? Rain for Atlanta? None of the above?

Speaking of rain for Atlanta - SERVES YOU PEOPLE RIGHT! Now call me crazy but I have made a few observations.

1. In 2000, Miami-Dade County was a blueish purple County. Al Gore did carry Dade County, by at least 10,000 votes (I think it was more than that). The mayor of time, Alex Penelas, was a Democrat.

2. In 2004 same deal. Miami-Dade County was a blueish purple. More blue than red.

3. Atlanta was not more blue than red in 2000 and 2004. It was mostly red.

4. Miami-Dade County has plenty of water, Atlanta is running out.

Huh. Strange.

And for that matter, Florida was (as we all remember) red. And the reddest parts of Florida are also running out of water. But for some reason, Miami-Dade County has received enough rain to keep our aquifer full.

I can not figure this out. I am working on a theory now. Ill let you all know what it is when I put all the pieces of my research together.

I need to get another hair cut. But I need inspiration for a new style. I am looking towards this band.

Can you believe people used to watch this crap on MTV?

The process situation is stressful. AGGGHHHHHH! There. I feel better now. I think I forgot to eat Sunday. OOPS! Must have slipped my mind. I am going to loose weight faster than a meth head.

And now, for your enjoyment, the most offensive web based game EVER. Click HERE.

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Blogger cathouse teri said...

You're right. There is nothing new under the sun. It wasn't new 6,000 years ago, and it's not new now. ;)

I can't believe you forgot to eat! That's like forgetting to have sex!

Crazy Theory Believing Lady

Blogger Daisy said...

Those are some awfully silly hair-dos!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my...that game is SO WRONG in SO MANY WAYS, I can't believe it......I'm aghast.

as for the haircut, I will tell you this one more time and then you will be punished if you don't listen, you need a hair STYLE not a hair CUT. Have I made myself clear? I thought so

Anonymous Krok5 said...

The Lazy,

I just shaved my crotch and I feel like a new man.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Teri - nothing is new. Well almost nothing. I did get some new shoes.

Daisy -A Flock Of Seagulls were known for their wacky haircuts. They needed something to use as a hook - because their music was not so great. But they are legends of the 80s.

Doozie - I think you are the only person to have checked the game out. It is very wrong. Someone emailed me the link. My best score is 46 out of 88.

Krok - so you gained the optical inch huh? Me too. It itched at first, but now it is OK.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

All right, everybody shut up now! When I was in high school, I had my hair done approximately the way that blond fellow does, with the two "wings" sticking up. To confuse people even more, I was actually a metalhead. Still am a metalhead, but the hairdo is long gone. Perhaps a modicum of sense returned when I stopped weighing my head down with all that hairspray? Doubtful, but I can always hope!

Blogger Kristen said...

I think that my brain has a defense mechanism that causes me to forget just how extreme that Flock of Hairgulls guy's hairgull was. Whenever I see it, I find myself thinking, "Wow, was it really that....extreme?...last time I saw this video?"


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