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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not Faked

First off, let me assure everyone that the elephant video is not faked. That actually did happen to someone. I would imagine elephants are a lot like people in one way - when something goes up there the natural reaction is to "clench up". So the guy is lucky to have gotten out of there. And I bet he shaved his head after the event. There would not be enough shampoo on the planet for me.

But I do not want to talk about 100% real You Tube videos today. That was yesterday's post.

But I do not have anything good for today. All I got today is crap. The computer wants to restart itself, because there was some kind of Windows update. Don't you just love that? This window keeps popping up saying "the computer will restart in 5 minutes unless you click the later button". So I click "later". And then it just pops up again later. Ill restart the computer when I am done using it OK Windows XP Version Service Pack 2 countless other updates! Got it! When I feel like it! Shit.

Some asshole left propaganda on my truck. It is for a car dealer. A Buick dealer. So what I did was to collect a bunch of them. A lot of people were just throwing them on the floor. So I picked them up, and collected some off other cars. And now I will deface them so they can not be used again (including the business card attached) and then mail them all back to the address on the card. And I may even attach a note saying "your dumb ass just wasted your time distributing all this stuff. In the future please place litter in the proper place - the trash can. Even if I was planning on buying a new car soon rest assured it would NOT be a Buick. And even if I were in the market for a Buick this using my car as a place to dump your litter bullshit would guarantee I would never buy from this dealership. Seriously, I would rather hitchhike and accept a ride from some guy wearing a hockey mask and brandishing an axe than buy a car from you people".

Is it too much to ask to just park somewhere and NOT have some asshole cover your car with advertisements? It seems like I can not even take a dump without having to be exposed to some manner of advertising.

I may get something that will knock my socks off in the mail. Ill include a photo if this happens.

HINT - nothing knocks my socks off like a few bricks of solid pure gold.

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Blogger AP3 said...

Yeah, I hate it when they put ads under the wipers. I usually don't notice until I've started the car up and then it's a real pain.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

would a big chunk o' poopie knock yer socks off?

Blogger Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hey, Iguana, how are you ??
Sorry I haven't been by for awhile ... I'll try and be a good little blogger from now on.
How's the boat going ... still enjoying it ??
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Back in the day, the resident religious fanatic in the apartment building left flyers for his church on everyone's door. My ex husband and I defaced the pastor's and his wife's pictures with devil horns and put a word balloon above them saying "yes, I love to have sex with young boys."
Guess the religious nutball got the message. Either that or the building management had a chat with him. He never left fliers on the doors again.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

BTW, I guess I can tolerate the advertising in a public bathroom. But when it shows up in MY bathroom, then I've got a problem!


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