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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rocking A Boat And Something About A Still Pond And Trees And a Forest And Stuff.

As you know from my Tuesday post, yesterday was interview day. Lots of pressure. But I can deal with pressure. I arrived early and had a Starbucks Vanilla Latte. It was good once it cooled off. I think the boiling milk actually cooled down the coffee about 50 degrees.

I meditated on a few universal truths before I went into the room.

1. The rocking boat disturbs the stillness of the pond
2. No matter what you do, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west
3. The tree never grows where the forest does not want it to.

So what does all this mean? Whatever you want it to mean.

But first.....speaking of forests - I have my very own personal online forest. You can see it here.

Click there and add a leaf to my forest. Oh yea there is something about once all the forests total a certain number of leaves some company will buy up a bunch of rain forest and not cut down any of the trees. Or something like that. I only have a paltry 24 leaves. So visit it daily! Bookmark it! Each click means one more leaf. Of all the forests created I am number 108,000 something. Pretty pathetic.

You can also visit:
This forest currently has 50 leaves.

And now back to my meandering thoughts.

The rocking boat disturbs the stillness of the pond. A still pond is a peaceful pond. If you get in it and start rocking your boat - all you do is create waves. So do not create waves! Pretty simple. Go with the questions. Give the best, most honest answers you can. Do not get into any arguments with anyone on the panel. Listen to everything everyone says to you. Ask questions as needed, but listen well first. Think for a moment before you speak. Try to keep the pond as still as possible. In doing so, you keep yourself as calm as possible. Speaking for myself, this helps me think clearer.

No matter what you do, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Ain't this the truth! There is a lot that a person can do. But in the end, nobody can stop the Earth from rotating. Regardless of what happens in the room the sun will set, and rise the next day. There is no point in getting yourself all worked up and stressed out. A calm demeanor is ALWAYS better than a frantic, nervous demeanor. Kind of ties into the boat on the still water thing.

The tree never grows where the forest does not want it to. Ever see a forest that has a clear border? Like some sort of invisible line where there are trees on one side and no trees on the other?

Kind of like in the above photo. Trees growing in some places, and not others. So why not? Clearly, the forest does not want trees in the empty spaces. So grass grows there instead. Unless you have a better theory. The forest allows trees to grow where the forest wants trees to be. So if the panel (the forest) wants to select me (the tree) it will. The tree does not decide on its own where to grow.

So there. The process is now done. I did what I had to, and the rest is history now.

Of course everyone I know keeps asking the same question.

So, did you get the job?

And to them I say "does the sky have the clouds, or do the clouds have the sky?". Then they look at me like I am smoking the pot.

I do not know who was selected. These things do not work that way. You have to go home and wait for the phone to ring. You almost never know right there that you were selected. People have to confer and discuss things. This takes time. One person on the panel might like one candidate, while another person likes someone else. A consensus must be reached. And so on. These kinds of decisions are made only after careful consideration. So do I know? Nope. I just have to wait for ye old phone to make noise.

All you can do is make your best attempt, and then let the chips fall where they may. But I do feel good about the whole process. Not many people were there. The one guy I noticed the most was on his phone complaining to someone that the process was running late. And he kept moving from one seat to another. And he tried to cut in front of the person ahead of him by asking the person fetcher "am I next or is this guy (someone else not me) ahead of me" and then mentioned something about a dentist appointment, as if that would get him in faster. He was disturbing the stillness of the pond by rocking the boat. I was meditating on the universal truths while reading a two day old newspaper. And not rocking anything.

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Blogger actonbell said...

I'm glad that there are more than 108,000 people trying to save the rainforests.

I hope you get the job! I was going to say "good luck" but that's a meaningless thing to say, esp. at this point.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I will try to remember to visit your forest--sometimes I don't remember to visit my own!
Fortunately, my brain isn't so far gone that I don't remember to pull up my pants. Or put them on before leaving the house. That would be BAD!
When I was in college I was generally either trashed or hung over and was always afraid that I might completely space putting on my pants when I left the dorm in the morning and go strolling to class in my underwear. Fortunately it never happened.
I think I may be due for one of those being in a crowd in my underwear dreams. I haven't had one in a long time.

Blogger Yippeeskip said...

I'm loving the tree analogy and will steal it and make it mine because that's what I do. First time here, I'll be back and possibly link to mine.

Blogger Daisy said...

Waiting is very hard!

Blogger cathouse teri said...


Hey Iggy. Can you help me know how to put music on my blog?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you grabbed the top of a big tree in the forest, pulled it down to the ground and let it go back up, I wonder what all would come flying out of there?

Blogger Fuzz said...

I haven't had to look for a job in a long time. I'm not sure I even know how. I'm probably in a rut or something.
I hope things go your way there.


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