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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Zero Hour Approaches

But first, a quick "how to" thing for Teri. To get your own cool as hell music playlist thing, just go to and register for an account. Then build a playlist. Then generate the HTML code for Blogger. Cut and paste into the template. I made a slight modification by changing the "width" tags to 225 and the "height" to 270. This way it fits in the sidebar.

To add or remove songs, just edit your playlist on No need to further edit the code on your blog.

Before I save any changes, I always do a blog preview. And I only change one thing at a time.

Anyway - enough of that. Teri, if you need more help with this drop an email or leave a comment. I think I have my email posted somewhere on the blog.

Now for zero hour! Columbus Day is almost here. Now I know - most of you are thinking "what the hell is it with Columbus Day anyway? I do not even get the day off!". I agree - it is not a major holiday. Most people only know it as footnote on a calendar. Like Flag Day.

But here in Miami - to the boating community - Columbus Day is a massive legendary floating party. I plan to be there. I have not made all the plans yet, but I might play "beat the idiots" and head out Friday afternoon. This way Saturday morning I am already anchored up, and I will not have to fight the lines and craziness at the boat ramp. But then again - this could make ME the idiot. Two nights on the boat? That is a lot of nights. I have an open boat after all.

I know someone from out of town that is going to be in Miami Friday with a boat. We can raft up together. The other boat has a cabin with a toilet that flushes. So it would not be so bad. Then Saturday I know more people who will be out there in boats. I can distribute GPS coordinates to them and then maybe I can get a group of 5 boats to raft up.

But what the hell is Columbus Day anyway? He gets all the credit for "discovering" the New World. A virgin, pristine land - undiscovered. EXCEPT for the people that were already here when Columbus arrived. But they do not count. Because the people that actually discovered the New World lacked three important things.

1. Steel / iron.
2. Gun powder.
3. Cannons.

But some of them did have gold, silver, and jewels. This was probably not so good for them. It attracted a lot of attention from the people with iron, gun powder, and cannon. But even the people that did not have gold kind of got the short end of the stick I suppose. But that was long ago.

Yet, Columbus still gets his day. Whatever.

All it really means is a good excuse for a massive floating party.

The boat is ready. The floor lockers are in place. The rod holder insets are back in place. The wash down pump is installed. And I washed all the dirt and fiberglass powder and stuff that got in the boat from the projects. So everything is ready to roll. Or is it ready to float? Both actually. The boat has to be trailered to the water before it can float.

The big question now is when will I splash the boat? Friday afternoon (less action at the ramp) or early Saturday morning (in a feeble attempt to beat most of the people that will be using the ramps). The public ramps close every year - they always reach capacity.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about the boat, but I do know that i just ate a red hot bean burrito and I'm going to be farting like a sonofabitch tomorrow

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I googled Miami Regatta and found a sight for official party pictures from 2003 to 2005. Although I didn't see any iquanas in them, I did see lots of topless pictures. Reminds me of Party Cove in Lake of the Ozarks except that party is every weekend during the summer.

Blogger M@ said...

Wow, I'm addicted. Gordan Lightfoot, here I come!

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I haven't heard anything from Gordon Lightfoot in years!
Columbus Day sounds like a lot of fun in your neck of the woods. But the way the marina gets glutted with boats sounds like the way we don't dare drive into downtown Denver on Cinco de Mayo. Not because we'd get killed or something, but because you can't move anywhere on the streets, they're so blocked with cars flying their Mexican flags and cruising along the main strip.
Damn, a burrito sounds good right now but I don't have one nor the money to buy one. The great thing about working alone at night unless someone calls me is that if I eat a burrito I don't have to worry too much about remembering the Beano. The only one I'll be offending is me and I'm immune to my own noxious emissions.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - light a match and hold it behind you and you can go almost anywhere without having to deal with the whole airport hassle.

Ed - Boating activity peaks in the summer here. There are a lot of party spots, so no one spot gets all the boats. Columbus Day is the exception.

M@ - Is that guy still alive?

CM - the public ramps close down when the cops get tired of the madness. But they have to get really full first - the County likes the money it gets from the $10 per boat fee.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Sorry I'm late. I'm a dork. Asking for help and then just sitting in my chair waiting for it to land in my lap.

Which, of course, it did. Eventually. But only after a coke bottle fell from the sky and hit me in the head.


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