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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saga Of The Phone

I have a Sony/Ericson cell phone. The Z520A to be exact. It looks like this ----->

It is an OK phone. And by "OK" I means since it was "free" and I did not have to pay extra for it, I do not want to cram it far up someone's ass. I wanted a phone with Bluetooth, and my dad was up for a free replacement phone. I was not. My contract was not old enough. So my dad ordered a replacement phone (and also extended his contract which he was going to do anyway) and that is how I got the Z520A. I took the SIM chip out of my old phone, stuck it into this thing, and that was all there was to it.

Well today I was in the backyard, messing with some electrical extension cord. I set the phone down on something. And while I was away connecting the automatic battery charger to the boat it started to rain.

Now it did not rain very hard or for very long. So the phone only got a little wet. I rescued it and dried it off. Everything seemed to be fine. But a little while after that - KAPUT! The phone turns off and will not turn on. I even tried using the hair drier on it. But no. It will not turn on.

So I am back to the old phone. I put the SIM chip back into the old phone and it works. I did not loose any phone numbers. That is good. But now I need a new phone.

So what do I get to do! Go to the ATT store and put my name on the list and wait for some jackass to look up my account and say "you are not eligible for a free phone, but here is one for only $100!".

I wanted to get a smart phone anyway. Maybe the I-Phone, but I do not know. The deal breaker with that thing is if it works on an 802.11 network. I needs something that is a phone and also gets internet access if there is an 802.11 network.

But I lack the spendable funds for the I-Phone. Or any phone for that matter. But the free replacement phones if you agree to extend a contract usually suck. So I guess I am stuck with the old phone for a while, till I can get something else better. Or I may just take whatever free phone the bastards offer (if they offer one at all) just so I can get the Bluetooth back. And of course the AT&T website is down.

But there is some good out of all this. I did not loose my numbers. SIM chips so totally rule.

Now for something completely different.

What happens when you take David Lee Roth, mix in a little Gene Simmons, take some lyrics from Def Leppard "Photograph", and a whole lot of cocaine?

You get Dr. Rockso The Rock And Roll Clown.
Dr. Rockso Music Video

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What this has to do with anything is a mystery even to me.

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Blogger Fuzz said...

Since ATT took over Cingular (or whatever it was) I can't get the website to work either. It looks like if they were so technically advanced, they could do this much.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

I should totally not have watched that video on an empty stomach! ;)

If you extend your contract on your phone, I don't think all of the phones will be crap. And just about everything has blue tooth and internet these days. Who is your service provider?

Hey, thanks again for finding that song for me. You rock, even more than Dr. Rockso!

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Hah--what a fun video!
My phone is ok but I hate Qwest. I have to stick with them for now though because my credit is too shitty to do anything else. Verizon and all those would snub their nose at me. Besides it's a pain in the ass to change carriers so I'll just suffer--but not quietly, dammit!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't you just get another used phone and do the sim exchange? if you don't do that, get an iphone, I want to know what the big hoopla is and I can't afford one

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tolerated about 5 seconds of that video. That was highly disturbing

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - I hate the ATT site. I can not even register for a stupid account for some crazy reason.

Teri - I think the clown is David Lee Roth. The jumps. The splits. The bulge. MTV did edit out some bulges in Roth's "Just A Gigolo" video.

CM - do you agree that Dr. Rockso is vintage David Lee Roth, with a little Gene Simmons face paint and a whole lot of cocaine thrown in?

Doozie - I am looking at some refurbished phones. They are cheaper. The I-Phone is cool. It has Wi-Fi built into it. You would be surprised where you can find free internet access.

Anonymous krok8 said...

The Lazy,

I wish they had a blackberry with a camera. I have to carry a Razor for pictures, it has held up well.

When am I going to get the nude pictures of Doozie?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Krok - they do have a blackberry with a camera in it. I think Doozie might back out of the nude photos.

Blogger Kristen said...


Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Kristen - clearly you do not watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network Sunday nights.

Blogger Dusty said...

You can buy a Go-Phone if your in a pinch and transfer your SIM card to that Lazy. My son had to do that lately when he didn't have the bucks to spend a couple of hundred on a new phone.

Just a thought m'dear. Oh, and don't tell ATT/Cingular that you did that..they will cut off your service umkay? They want to keep us in the dark and spending our money on their phones.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

AT&T knows that the account has 4 phones on it. My dad had Cingular service, I had AT&T. When the companies merged, he kept bugging me to transfer my account to his so that some sort of "family plan" or whatever could be activated.

My old backup phone is the phone that was being used for cell phone #4. So ATT should not care. I am going to get another phone at some point. I just do not know when.

I spent the $$$$ on an aquarium :)


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