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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Writers Strike

Well I guess it is time for me to choose a side to be on regarding the writers strike.

It seems that the writers, those who actually PRODUCE content, want to be paid more. Something about "online content" or something. I don't really know.

The media executives, who produce DIDDLY SHIT, want to keep all the money for themselves. Really. When was the last time an executive wrote a joke? What the hell does a network CEO do anyway?

As best I can figure out, they just watch shows and then judge them. Well shit I can do that. But I get paid nothing to watch TV. And yes, I judge shows. If they are crappy I do not watch them anymore. If they are good I might watch them again.

TV shows have a way of spying on people. Somehow, they know what you are watching. Tivo tells on you. Other DVR devices might also snitch on you. Or they may install a snitch box on your TV that reports what you are watching to the ratings people.

And the executives then look at the ratings, compare them to ratings of other shows on at the same time, then decides if they should keep the show, cancel the show, or move the show to another slot.

Now seeing as how without writers actually producing content there are no shows - unless you just want more "crazy police chase" shows or "reality" shows where they take a bunch of morons and throw them into some totally artificial setting that they would NEVER EVER be involved with in real life and then film them trying to eat gross stuff - one would think that writers would be very well paid.

It seems they are not however. And so they are on strike. Hey executives - good luck getting people to watch re-runs next season! But the executives, being very highly paid, should be able to write a few jokes! Yes I am sure the Fox executives can write a season of "House" scripts. They can do that in their sleep! For they are all powerful executives, worth every penny of the millions they get paid. Right?

So get to it executives of America. You do not need anyone else. Fire your whole staff. Outsource everything. You can do it all. American Airlines CEO can not only sell you a ticket, he can also load your luggage onto the plane, fuel the plane, board all the people on the plane, fly the plane, and push the drink cart once the plane is in the air. He can do it all. Pilots? Flight attendants? Luggage chuckers? Who needs any of them.

Really. What the hell do you CEOs do? Why are you all worth millions, when the people who actually do the work that makes the company run are worth a whole lot less?

So there you go. Pay the writers more - or invent your own content. If you can. It is easy to create content after all. The hard job is what you do. And what is that again??

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nfi what you are talking about with 'the writers strike'.
if the writers of the simpsons went on strike, i would support them no matter what....they could never get paid enough for the joy they have brought me.

if the writers of all those csi shows went on strike, i would rejoice and hope they never returned!

Blogger M@ said...

I remember when the elites wanted to make the public angry at striking baseball players who MADE SO MUCH MORE MONEY THAN THE FANS.

Nice dissembling there.


Blogger TLP said...

Great video!!!! Thanks for that.

Blogger TLP said...

BTW, how is Skipper doing?

Blogger Avery Gray said...

Television is my only source of joy. I hope those crazy kids get it worked out soon!

Anonymous krok4 said...

The Lazy,

Did you pop a cap in the Homie football player? A robbery, that's funny.

I'll never forget the first time I was in Liberty City. I don't scare easily but I was scared. Do you ever go down there for lunch?

Blogger TLP said...

You inspired a great post over at ActonBell's place.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess what? I got an awesome mystery package is the all inclusive, state of the art people zapper! I know it said bugs on the package but heck..all the bugs are dead for the year so we are going for the people. We've all tried it out and it works great on kids who need to get their homework done

thanks lazy Iggy, you're the bestest!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Laughing - just check out the video link. It does a pretty good job explaining the issue.

M@ - the baseball players do make to fucking much money. School teachers have trouble making ends meet, and steroid monkeys who can hit a ball with a fucking stick get tens of millions. Shows where our national priorities are and why this Country is such a royal fucking mess.

TLP - Skipper The Cat is fine. He still has his nuts. I keep forgetting to make the appointment. I think Skipper likes having nuts.

Avery - I am watching Heroes 1st season on Netflix now. I can download the episodes!

Krok - I aint be shootin nobody.

TLP - Ill have to check it out!

QZ - did you modify the zapper? It works best on people if you remove the safety grid thing. It also works on beagles and neighbors who snore.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Oh come now! The executives don't write jokes--they ARE jokes! And so is this damn keyboard. It keeps skipping letters, reducing my blazing 70 WPM typing speed by at least half.


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