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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adventure In The ATT Wireless Store

Cause I do.

The day after Christmas was somewhat eventful here. As usual, I started the day off by sleeping in late. From there it only got better.

I took my Best Buy gift card I won in a contest to Best Buy. The laptop CD drive is dead, so I needed an external drive. I picked out the LG External Super Multi DVD Rewriter. I had my eye on this before Christmas, but it was on sale today. It reads CDs and DVDs (of course) and it will write to any CD media (R and RW) as well as any DVD media (single and dual layer R and RW). Pretty sweet. I also picked up 20 blank DVDs that support LightScribe.

Oh yea, the drive supports LightScribe. So after I burn a CD/DVD I can flip it over and burn a label. This is really cool, but there is one drawback. The blank DVD has to support LightScribe.

I also got something for the boat! I have a satellite radio receiver for the truck, and another one that is for use outside the truck. It works fine, but there is one drawback. The FM transmitter in the receiver is weak, and there are no real open frequencies here. Too many shitty low power pirate stations, with a few higher power pirates mixed in for good measure. To compound issues even more, the boat GPS also causes interference. So I got this thing that will send a FM signal directly to the boat stereo using a hard wired connection. This should take care of the interference.

This took care of the gift card.

Next stop was the AT&T wireless store. I wanted another bluetooth phone. I walked in and signed up on the waiting form. Then I went next door to the wine store to get a drink. Having to deal with the ATT store drives me to drink. The wine store had.....CHIMAY BLUE LABEL in 11.5 ounce bottles!! Not this Chimay Blue Label is not messing around, it is 9%. So drinking one is like drinking two effect wise. JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

Inside the place I scoped out the ATT Tilt and the Apple Iphone. Some JACKASS was playing with the demo phone for a long time, watching some bullshit on You Tube. So I had to wait...and wait...but I got to mess with the demo.

Now the Iphone is pretty cool. I like the Safari web browser. But I went with the ATT Tilt because it uses the 3G data network. The problem is it runs Windows Mobile. I already put the Opera mobile browser on it, which instantly makes it better. Internet Explorer mobile version totally sucks.

I went with the Tilt over the Iphone because the Iphone has only internal memory, the Tilt uses mini SD and internal memory. Also I can change out the battery on the Tilt, the Iphone has no way to get to the battery.

I may still return the Tilt and pick up the Iphone - because even with Opera the web browser is not as nice as the Iphone. My page will not load properly. Oh well. But the Tilt has a keyboard that does not involve the touch screen. So I do not know yet.

SKIPPER goes in today for nut removal. The big snip. No food or water for him till after the snip.

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Blogger Daisy said...

Poor Skipper. He is a good little Mancat to get his hoohaectomy.

Blogger Avery Gray said...

I understood like 17% of this post.

Glad you found a use for the gift card! I know Best Buy is your least favorite place to shop in the whole world, but you made a go of it, and I'm proud of you! ;o)

Poor little Skipper. Hope all goes well.

Blogger actonbell said...

Sounds like Skipper's going to have the big adventure.

I meant to point out that you should have kept that Victoria's Secret type thing you got for eChristmas, because you never know when you might have that impromptu type guest who forgot her whatever, OR maybe it'd make a good emergency gift for someone who you would like to see with it.

I'm not sure I know how to even open the kind of phone you're talking about, so I'd best end my comment here.

Anonymous krok43 said...


It sounds like you got a top of the line phone. I still use a blackberry but recently got a smaller one.

I'm not a tech guy but I love that I figured out that my car radio accepts memory sticks. I loaded all my favorite songs on a 4 gig stick.

Poor cat.

Anonymous krok12 said...

The Lazy,

Thanks for the video. That one is great.

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

Chimay Blue.... [Sighs heavily].

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Daisy - Skipper feels better now. I guess.

Avery - that is OK, I only understood 15% of it. You are doing better than me.

Actionbell - I keep everything. You never know when you need to plant some "evidence" on someone.

Krok - it is a top of the line phone. I got sick of having old shit. I may still exchange it for the IPhone.

Scarlet - Yea. I found a place to get it. The ATT store drove me to drink. I think they hire directly from the retard school. I got lucky and the one person working there who was NOT retarded helped me.

Blogger Doozie said...

So you had your eye on that disc drive for awhile? In the meantime did you wear a patch so there wasn't just a big gaping hole in your face? Cause that would be creepy.

dude, don't get the iphone, they need to work out some bugs

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - I have the supernatural ability to place eyes in more than one place at the same time, so I do not need the eye patch. I have decided not to get the IPhone, I am too lazy to go back to the ATT store and deal with the tards there. It would cost me $70 to exchange the phone because I would require a whole bottle of ice wine. I will keep the Tilt, and just get the IPod Touch later.


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