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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Classified Stuff

The war has heated back up. Can't really talk about what the war is about or how it is going - because I do not want to give away information to the insurgents. The whole process is getting old and stale and depressing. Some MEGA bullshit going on. A big pile of it. A mountain of it. A mountain so high, even if it were placed on the deepest part of the ocean it would break the surface and may even tower above the water at least as high as Everest. Only without a Yeti.

And now for a DRUG RANT! Today's drug - Avodart. You have seen the commercials for this one. Which brings up another unrelated rant. WHY THE HELL are prescription drugs advertised on TV? They market this shit like it is candy or something. So what, am I supposed to go to a doctor and demand Avodart? I guess so! A 30 second TV commercial makes me more of an expert than a doctor who spent years in medical school.

The commercials seem to be targeted at retards. Take Avodart for example. It is a drug for enlarged prostate. It shrinks that thing up like.....uhhhhhhh...a slug when you put salt on it? Doe they shrink or swell? I can't remember.

Anyway whatever happens to a slug when you put salt on it - the Avodart commercial includes the line "Avodart is for men only". Really? You mean a drug to treat enlarged prostate is for men only? REALLY!?!?! How about women with a prostate gland? Can they take it too? Seems sexist to me.

Are people out there that retarded? Are throngs of women going to the doctor and demanding a drug to treat enlarged prostate? I guess so. That or the morons in marketing thing that just because they do not know that women lack a prostate gland the rest of us peons who did not take any marketing classes (I did take a few) could not possibly know such advanced things.

Maybe there was a debate in the marketing department? It could have gone something like this!

Mel: we should say "Avodart is for men only"
Karen: Good idea! WAIT! Do women have a prostate?
Mel: I have no idea! But we should say "for men only" so chicks don't take the stuff. Their delicate constitution could not handle the power that is Avodart.
Karen: that I think about it I do not think women have a prostate. The doctor never said he had to check mine!
Mel: Of course women have that prostate thing! But we do not have a product for womens prostate gland enlargement yet! Those geeks with the lab coats are probably working on that now.
Karen: Well then if women have a prostate, then men must also have tits! Right?
Mel: Fat Fred over there eating all the donuts has man tits.
Fat Fred: HEY YOU BASTARDS! I am not fat, I am big boned! Next time order more donuts if you want any!
Mel: Lets just include the disclaimer anyway. Legal likes that kind of shit.

It must have been something like that. But who knows.

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Blogger Lilacspecs said...

Wow, I've never heard of Avidart...I didn't realize how much I was missing, television-wise, living in Europe. You reminded me how happy that makes me, that my mind is less cluttered by the media and commercials.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

Avidart is the devil. So are most RX Companies.

I agree with the commercializing RX's. It's RETARDED and puts worse pressures on doctors to prescribe over doing something smart like suggesting a diet with more tomatoes, or maybe losing a couple hundred pounds might work too.

Sorry, I've been AWL. Just running...the usual.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Makes me glad I don't watch TV. I used to see those ads in magazines for stuff like that. There was always a couple pages of side effects. It was scary.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I think it went exactly like that. Don't try to tell us your spies weren't there!
Prescription drugs should NOT be advertised. And sadly, I could see some woman demanding the latest in prostate drugs. After all, there are people who demand antibiotics for viral infections. A prostate drug for women would be just as useful as an antibiotic for a viral infection.

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

So, I should stop taking this Avodart?


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