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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Netflix Bullshit

Alert readers may have noticed that I got new Netflix selections.

Well I did. And I already watched one of them. The Adventures Of Mark Twain. In claymation.

The movie was....interesting. It is rated G but is probably not for general audiences. Kids may like the claymation, but they would be bored or even scared by the content. It starts off with the jumping frog story, but then moves on to more heavy things. Like this.

Now it seems that The Mysterious Stranger was an unfinished work. I have not read it. So it was a strange thing to include in the movie.

But whatever. The Diary of Adam And Eve was more entertaining. That Twain was one warped individual. I have a feeling that if I were transported back in time we would get along well. My views are somewhat similar - or so it seems.

So anyway, the claymation thing is strange. On the surface, made for kids. But the subject matter is beyond the age group that one would think the movie would target. A very strange creation indeed.

In other news, Netflix finally got Conan The Barbarian on DVD. It seems that this movie was just never let out on DVD, or that Netflix never got it in their inventory - for whatever reason. Who the hell knows why. So I had it added to my "saved" list, and then it just arrived in the mail - after being on the "saved" list for a while. Song Of The South is still on the saved list, and will be there for a long time to come. Disney will just not release this movie. You can however get this movie on DVD if you go to Euro Disney.

Kids who ride Splash Mountain have no idea what that ride is all about. The characters are all from Song Of The South.



Blogger M@ said...

I enjoyed The Diary of Adam and Eve as a kid but my favorite is A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court.

Like mind candy. Sorry it ever ended.

Anonymous krok98 said...

The Lazy,

Did you watch the Mormon video at the bottom of your video? Is that what the Mormons really think?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - The claymation movie featured a rather surprising selection of Twain's work for a "kids movie". The Diary Of Adam And Eve was great. Things were not so different in the beginning as they are now - at least according to Twain.

Krok - that is hard to say. The Mormon Church is not really forthcoming with some aspects of their faith. The Book of Mormon does contain that story, according to people I know who have read it. But the Church would probably say that the interpretation is incorrect and that one should not take it literally.

The faith is built around the writings of John Smith, who supposedly translated the book from magical golden tablets left in America by some lost tribe of Israel (white dudes by the way) with the help of magical seer stones which magically vanished after the translation was finished. If you ask me that is fairly nutty. But whatever. I suppose it is not much nuttier than many other religious claims.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

You know, I could get into Claymation Mark Twain.
Stupid Michael Eisner will not re-release Song of the South. Granted, there are some dated attitudes shown in it. However, as my father pointed out, for the time it was really a foreward-thinking movie. It wasn't meant to be racist, in fact, it was pro-integrationist propaganda. My son did see the Zippity Doo Dah song on a children's song tape when he was very young and he referred to Uncle Remus as "the Grandpa man." Kids from his generation and younger aren't going to identify the parts of the film that could be perceived as racist. I saw a bootleg copy of the film a few years back and tried to see it as if I was a young child. Through a child's eyes, I wouldn't have seen the people as black and white--I would have seen them as rich people and farmers.
I hope that Michael Eisner gets abducted by aliens. The man is an idiot.


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