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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Booked Passage

It would seem I have something to do this weekend! Something that will be a new experience. A trip to Key Largo. Now I have been to Key Largo plenty of times, so that is not new. But the mode of transportation will be new!

I am getting there on board a 40 foot sailboat.

It all begins Friday! Here is the general cruise itinerary.


1. finish any last minute shopping. I should have all the food and booze and beer and water and whatever I will need for the weekend.
2. Arrive at the Yacht Club at around 4 PM. The ship sets sail at 5 PM.


Hobie Beach, somewhere on the causeway beach or the Virginia Key portion of the beach. There shall be a beach BBQ and massive amounts of alcohol consumption.

My "cabin" is going to be an air mattress on top of the helm. Out in the open night air. If it rains it is going to totally suck.

The sea, she be a harsh mistress. If thar be rain thar be rain.


Race to Key Largo begins at 8 AM. I may or may not be awake when this happens. I assume I will be awake however, because sleeping out in the open means that when the sun rises it will probably wake me up. Unless I relocate to other sleeping quarters where the sun can not annoy me.

And then I get to sail south on Biscayne Bay. All the way to Key Largo. That should take 4 or 5 hours. Along the way there shall be more drinking and general fun having.

Arrive in Key Largo sometime in the afternoon. Then the party continues.


Who knows. Probably none. Like it matters.


Wake up when the sun annoys me, then maybe relocate to another area. Or remain awake. Party on!

Arrive at the Yacht Club whenever I get there - sometime in the late afternoon. Unload the remainder of my supplies and load them in the truck - if there are any left. Finish up any last minute party matters that still need to be attended to, if anyone is still alive. Try to grab some sort of de-grunging. Like maybe a quick shower / rinse down at the pool. Or whatever. Then return home.

It will be an adventure.

On the 19th, I am going to look at something.



Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

Sounds great. I hate you.;)

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Well, "looking at something" sounds intriguing!

So are you going on this trip alone? You didn't mention anyone else. Although, would make me wonder why you're sleeping on the helm. Even still, that is where I'd LOVE to sleep! I'm quite envious of just that part!

Well enjoy the trip, tiger.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Scarlet - This will be my first voyage in a real sailboat. It will be a lot of fun.

Teri - there better be more people, as I do not know how to sail. I could figure out a small boat, but not this one. It has more than one sail. There is going to be something like 6 people on board? Maybe 7? Who knows. If there are 6 on board and I drink enough then it will look like 12 - or maybe even 18!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, I am going to be perfectly honest and confess I did'nt read all your post because I'm once again 3 sheets to the wind. how are you sheets? are they spotted? do they have wetspots from mishaps? It's ok you can tell me

Anonymous Anonymous said...

please forgive me....I am going through a tough time in my tragically retarded life

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - three sheets to the wind is a nautical term! So it fits in with the sailing theme post. You see, a "sheet" is a rope controlling a sail. So when your sheets are to the wind it means the sails are out of control and the boat has no steering. I am confident you will get through the tragic turn of events. You are strong.

Blogger Payout Polly said...

Since ye mentions lookin' at something on the 19th, may we expect to see or hear about it on the 20th?


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