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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It is about time for a new computer. See the computer I had developed some sort of mystery problem. Whatever. So I had to borrow one from my dad.

And you know what? It is not a horrible computer. It is an older Dell laptop. It works. I upgraded the memory to 2 gigs, and after that it seemed to work a little better. It was the least I could do.

But now - the return time is drawing near. So I have to get something.

And here lies the problem. I DO NOT want anything to do with Vista. Vista sucks. It was released before it was ready. And there is already talk of Windows 7.0 (the successor to Vista) hitting the market early next year.

If this is the case, then Vista is just another Millennium Edition flop. Something to be AVOIDED. Something you install, and then wish it never existed. Something that will never work properly, and so you wait for the next operating system to be released so you can install it and HOPE it works. But you are reasonably sure it will work better than the shit you have now.

Speaking of shit, you may notice my Cuss-O-Meter. I am doing very well! As you can see, 44.3% of the pages on this blog contain cuss words. Mostly "shit" I would imagine.

Only a paltry 8% of the sites that take the Cuss-O-Meter test contain cuss words. 8%??!?! Seems low to me. I guess most people get the Cuss-O-Meter so it shows how they do not use foul words. Like shit.

So anyway, I have 454% more cussing than other sites that took the test. I think this math is FLAWED. See if a website has no cussing than I have an infinite percentage more cussing. Infinity times zero equals zero.

So the geniuses who created the Cuss-O-Meter should change the wording to read I have 454% more cussing than the AVERAGE website that took the cussing test. Which if you ask me is an accomplishment to be proud of.

People who do not understand simple math concepts sometimes annoy me.

Anyhow - back to the computer conundrum. I like using the word "conundrum". Almost as much as I like to use the word shit. But I do not get to say "conundrum" much. Go figure.

ANYHOW, getting back on point - again - without getting distracted by something, the computer conundrum.

I do not want Vista, so this pretty much just leaves XP. But finding computers with XP is a pain in the ass.

Well not really. Dell still offers them. But not on all the models. So here is what I would like to get.

1. A laptop
2. With 512 megs dedicated video memory, although I would settle for 256 megs video memory.
3. Physical ram is not as important, as I can always add more - but 2 gigs minimum. 4 is better.
4. An operating system that does not suck ass
5. To spend the least amount possible

I should also consider a Mac. Fuck Windows and everything Microsoft. If that company can not do something as simple as releasing a product that WORKS WITHOUT NEEDING 50 SERVICE PACKS then that would be one thing. But they can not even handle that.

I hate this shit. It used to be simple to get a computer. But now it has to be so complicated. And anything you get is old in 2 weeks anyway - no matter what you get. So get something one generation behind! Yea - that does not work. Because then in 2 weeks you have something about as useful as a stone tablet you have to chisel data into. Might as well just bang rocks together there caveman!



Blogger Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hey there, long time no comment LOL.

Getting a new computer is confusing, and I, like you, didn't want a Vista computer, but figured that I always still had the XP laptop if I didn't like the Vista one, so went ahead and bought a lovely Toshiba with Vista. And, you know what, I have had absolutely no problems with it, and I love it.

Change of subject ...

Hope the rain has eased, and you aren't getting flooded out ... please send the rain my way, we sure do need some ... we are still in drought conditions, have been for years !!

Hope you are well, and keeping out of mischief (just a little bit LOL).

Take care, Meow

Anonymous Anonymous said...

all that talk of computers scares the bejesus outta me.

mine just seems to work ok....but i don't ask anything outrageous of it.

Anonymous krok62 said...

The Lazy,

You fucking asshole. You shit for brains bastard. Just helping out.

I cunumdrumed Doozie and she started to cuss and then closed her legs and she almost snapped my neck. I'm ok though.


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