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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taxes, Sailboats, And Construction. Not Necessarily In That Order

Still no photos. I am lazy you see. I have a fair number of sailing trip photos, but I have to resize them and shit before I can post them here.

WAY too much work. Now Blogger has a nifty tool where I can easily add photos, and it will even resize the photos, but I do not know if the resize tool requires the whole original image to be downloaded or not. If so, then it is not that great. The original images are large.

My older digital camera had a cool feature where it would take two pictures. One at whatever resolution I would set the camera to - and another identical image sized for the web. That was awesome.

The new camera which is waterproof and all does not do this. OH WELL!!

Sooner or later I will get around to messing with the images so I can post them to the web. Or maybe I will resort to photobucket?
That seemed to work. This is the boat I was on. So let me know how long it takes to download this image and I may add more! If it takes too long then Ill have to resize the images.

The picture sucks. The light is all wrong. I took this photo in the afternoon after the race. I was in the ships dingy leaving to go to shore where there was a swimming pool FULL of fresh water. Was that ever nice.

In other news, I got my taxes filed. Sort of. I requested an extension. I seem to have spaced a W2 somewhere. I should have two, I can only find one. Now I could say "screw it" but with my luck the IRS would know about it and then put my ass in jail or something. So I filed for an extension. Now I have more time to find the missing W2, and misplace the other W2. Then I can file for another extension.

Anyone ever ask for a second W2? How does that work? Will it be a pain in my ass?

And now for the construction part of this post. I made two flag staffs for the boat. Now I can fly flags.

I made the staffs to fit in the T-Top rod holders. Out of sticks. Well not really sticks so much as wooden poles meant to hang curtains or whatever from. I cut them to be 2 feet 2 inches each. Then I drilled 1/4 inch holes in each pole at pre-measured locations. Then I put some stainless steel eye bolts through the holes and bolted them in place. Now I can use nylon straps to attach the flags to the bolts. Pretty simple really. Really short project here. All I have to do to finish them is cut a notch in the bottom of each staff so they do not spin around in the holders. There is a bar in the rod holders for this purpose. Then maybe some paint? Or wood stain and varnish? Or nothing. Screw it. It really does not matter.

I also have to redesign the litter sticks. The glue I used sort of sucks. It is good glue, but not really the right stuff for the application. I may try again with this stuff I have called "5200". It forms a plastic like permanent waterproof bond. It is made for below the waterline fittings. It is strong, so maybe it is the right stuff to use?

Or maybe thing of a redesign. I can remove the glued in nails, then drill a pilot hole into the other end of the staffs. Then drive a nail in an inch or so using a hammer. Then using a grinder reshape the nail head so it is pointy.


Blogger Ed Abbey said...

It took me all of about .52 seconds to download the picture.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Lots of people lose their W-2.

So yeah, it didn't take any time at all to get that picture up. Takes longer for the stuff at the top of your page than that. Pic was there right away.

Nice one, though! Love it.

Blogger Doozie said...

no trouble with the pic...getting a 2nd W2 is easy...just call the employer and tell them you never got it, they'll send you another one within days.

Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

I asked for an extension too. Asking for another W2 isn't tough. Should be easy (as doozers already pointed out). LOVE the boat! I was going sailing this weekend but the cold snap got in the way. :P

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Hey, can you make me a thingy so I can put that song "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band on my page?

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

What's a W2?

(doozie will laugh at me, aka self-employment sucks)

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

I think you would like this.

Anonymous roadcrew said...

back in a previous life I made "stick picks" by just hammering in a nail then cut the head off and used a grinder. Another guy used to use a piece of aluminum tube that would slide over the stick and then stick an ice pick in the other end and secure everything with some screws through the side. They where scary looking and cost more to make.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ed - interesting. Photobucket may be the ticket here.

Teri - I do have a lot of shit on this page. But I like the shit.

Doozie - I have to ask for another W2 then. But I don't want to. I just feel like I should hide this tax season. Let em track me down so they can give me back some money.

Saur - it was a lot of fun. I liked sailing. It is a lot of work however.

Bee - neat link. Fred would bite the shit out of me if I tried to do some of that stuff to him. He likes to bite the shit out of people. I am sort of afraid of him. He is here now, laying next to me. I am afraid to move too much.

Road - I modified the sticks the same way. I drilled a small hole, measured the nails with the drill bit so I knew how deep the pilot hole was, hammered in the nail to just past that point, and will grind a new spear point later.


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