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Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Off

The day has arrived.

I still have to do some shopping. Of course I have done ZERO up to now to prepare. Sort of.

I did obtain an air mattress. So that is something. But here is what I still need.

1. BEER. Lots of beer. Beer for up to three days of heavy parting. That is a lot.

2. A bottle of good rum, as a boat gift. I have to bring something.

3. Food. For up to three days. I am thinking sandwich material for lunch and snacks and everything not dinner, and some manner of more substantial food for dinner.

4. If I can swing it, I may also bring some buffalo steak as a boat gift. But I do not know about this. Can I even find it? Who the hell has that?? And second how much does that stuff cost?

5. A sheet of plastic, so I have something to hide under if it rains. I will not even check the weather because there is nothing I can do about it.

I think I have the rest of the stuff I need. ICE! I forgot the ice! I need that. I wonder if it is OK to lug two coolers? Ill bring em and then ask. If not then Ill leave one ashore. No big deal.

So.....there may not be any more posts till Monday. Internet access may be hard to come by. Of course my phone has internet, so I may be able to get access there. But writing a whole post on the phone is a pain in the ass. And typing on that small keyboard when drunk is not exactly easy.
I am bringing the waterproof shockproof boat digital camera. I hope I remember to use it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope the weather is kind.

i also hope you have enough beer so that you don't have to resort to rum.......why is rum the choice drink of sailors?

Blogger cathouse teri said...

If you have time, go read my response to your comment at my place.

How well do you know these people? I wouldn't give buffalo to anyone that I am not SURE likes buffalo. Or meat, for that matter! These days, you just cannot tell.

Like the rum idea, though. Mmmm... love good rum.

Well have fun!!!

Blogger Fuzz said...

Do they have buffalos in FL ?

Blogger M@ said...

I envy you.

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

Have fun, Lazy Ig.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we'll all survive your vacation. And if not, well then you'll just have to get a new crowd of people cause we will all be dead from either boredom, or trying to get the cuss0meter to work on our blogs

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

At least you will be away from retarded people on the road.

Speaking of road...did you know about this site called Mobile alerts for speed traps.

Have a nice (and dry) weekend!

Blogger Payout Polly said...

If ye lived in Colorado ye could find buffalo steak easy! But the sailin' kind of sucks.


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