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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Filling Replacement

I hate this shit.

It seems that a filling put in years ago is wearing down. Can they do that? Anyway, it has to be replaced.

So that means the dentist has to use the drill. I HATE the drill. It is the worst.

I can handle the cleaning. Really. No problem. Even when I do not do a great job brushing the back of my lower teeth so they need to use the ultrasonic water thing AND the metal hook. What is a little blood? No big deal.

But I HATE the drill!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they are going to have to use the drill. The old filling has to be drilled out and replaced with a new filling. This was supposed to be done in January. I had an appointment scheduled for the beginning of that month. But nobody called to remind me. So I took the opportunity to chicken out.

Actually I sort of forgot. I mean I remembered I had an appointment, but not the exact day. It was the holidays. The dentist was closed for two or three weeks. And so on.

I chickened out. Nobody called me, and I did not call anybody.

But this time I can not chicken out. I have to go. I could put this off, but if the filling fails it will hurt.

But that is not all. OH NO! You see, if I keep screwing off then this COULD turn into a root canal. And that costs $1500 and is not fun.

So Ill go. Even if there is going to be drilling.

So here is my plan!!!!!!

It starts off with Flor De Cana Grand Reserve.

Now this is some good shit. Aged for 7 years, this is some darn good rum. It has complex and subtle flavors. I suggest sipping this fine rum neat. That means by itself with just a splash of water. On the rocks works too. Do not bother mixing this stuff with anything except a splash of water. You will ruin it. If you must mix it with Coke, do yourself a favor and just buy the aged 5 years Flor De Cana Gold. The Grand Reserve is far too good to ruin with Coke or any other mixer that is not water.

It also makes for a fine shot. But really it is not made for shooting. It is great as a first shot (maybe the first two shots), but after that you should probably switch to something else. Otherwise you are just wasting this fine rum.

SEE!?!?! Now I need some rum with a splash of water. One moment please!!!

Like I said - excellent stuff. I am telling you, with the splash of water this stuff is super smooth. No burning feeling at all. Just a slightly warm feeling in your stomach.

Anyhow back to the plan! Here is how it works!!!

1. Stuff (what is left of) the bottle of Flor De Cana 7 Year Grand Reserve in the truck tool box.

2. Drive to the dentist.

3. Take a shot in the parking lot.

4. Contemplate the wisdom of a second shot.

5. Walk into the office, feeling better than I was during the drive.

6. DEMAND the happy gas! The happy gas is just fun. I like the happy gas. It will make everything funny. Between the rum and the happy gas everything should be going well by now. I may not even care about any drilling.

7. Get the injection of Novocaine. I hate this too.

8. Try to not move while the actual drilling is going on.

9. Leave. Get back to the truck. Stop off at the booze depot because I need more rum (current bottle is almost empty). Drive home. Put the rum away for later.

See?? The master plan. I think it is a great master plan. There are good parts (rum and happy gas) and shitty parts (drilling) but the good may cancel out the shitty so it will end up neutral.

If the dentist mission does not take too long, then I may be able to FINALLY finish putting the boat back together. I took the floor lockers out for some reason. I do not remember why. Anyway they are back in - but not secured. So I need to pull them out again, attach more hose clamps to various hoses in the bilge so whatever is leaking does not leak anymore, maybe goop the hose connection points up with silicone sealant to really make sure nothing leaks, put the lockers back in, screw them in place, then finally secure the hatch covers in place.

But I do not want to do it. I am tired of boat projects. They never end.

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Anonymous krok34 said...

The Lazy,

I use to have a hot girl clean my teeth but she got married and now I have a mean middle age woman.

That novocaine shooter is the size of a football pump. Does it have to be that big? It's scary.

Good luck.

Blogger doozie said...

so in other words you had stinky alcohol breath. Maybe you should rethink your thoughts


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